Brzezinski Goads Presidential Historian into Comparing Trump to Kim Jong-Un

'Morning Joe' co-host insists respected journalist draw parallels to North Korea's 'dear leader'

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski pressured Jon Meacham, executive editor and executive vice president at Random House and a respected presidential biographer, into comparing President Trump to the 20th and 21st centuries’ most murderous dictators during a segment Thursday on “Morning Joe.”

“So … Jon Meacham, I’m just curious what this is reminiscent of, what could this be reminiscent of if you have to make a parallel, a president telling networks to turn off their cameras, a president telling untruths, lies, to an audience of supporters that basically treat those lines as applause lines,” asked Brzezinski without a hint of subtlety.

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Meacham tried at first to ignore the bait.

“Well, the best example is President Nixon, and even that is a little tricky,” said Meacham. “There was a sense during early this, starting in the spring of ’73 forward into the summer of ’74, when … it was unclear whether at some point he was lying to himself as well as to us.”

Brzezinski was not amused and seemed visibly annoyed. She tried again.

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“But can I broaden the question a little bit,” she began. “I mean, what is this relevant to, even outside of the United States?” she asked.

“Well, you’re alluding to fabled and terrible totalitarian regimes in Europe in the 1930s … and also even now regimes like North Korea, where the dear leader speaks and we’re all supposed to salute,” responded Meacham.

“What are the parallels?” Brzezinski interjected immediately.

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“That what the dear leader says has to be followed, whether it’s associated with reality or not, whether it’s grounded in reality or not. It’s a cult of the state,” Meacham said. “We weren’t supposed to just listen to kings and clerics who for 1,000 years … had a monopoly on dictating the terms of reality,” he continued. “The point of the United States was that we all had the ability to look at reality, make our own decisions, and participate in a collective enterprise to govern ourselves.”

Brzezinski’s pressuring of the lauded journalist into comparing Trump to brutal Kim Jong-Un came only four days after American student Otto Warmbier died after being brutalized by the repressive North Korean regime.

The insinuation that Trump was a genocidal dictator also came barely a week following the shooting ambush of GOP Congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia — an attack carried out by a left-wing activist partially inspired by over-the-top rhetoric from liberals in the media.

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