With ‘Sologamy,’ Forget About Looking for the Right Person

'Self-marriage,' featuring a solo walk down the aisle, is a plea for attention and an attack on traditional values

There’s an old figure of speech about how people can be “married to their jobs.” With today’s latest trends and the leftist push to erode the sacred bond of marriage between one man and one woman, officially marrying your job may actually be the next big social craze.

As incredulous as it all sounds, a new and growing trend shows the never-ending attempt to normalize bizarre behavior.

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Young Erika Anderson took a natural next step in her life by getting married, according to a recent article in Her friends were gathered on a rooftop in Brooklyn to witness the event. Chairs and tables were set for the celebration afterward; it was a beautiful day for a wedding.

As the ceremony began, the bride, carrying flowers, walked slowly down the aisle. But when her wedding march was over — there was no one to greet her and take her arm. Was the groom late? Did he back out at the last minute?

The multi-pronged attacks on traditional and conservative values are supported by the all-too-eager accomplices in the media.

Guess again. There was no groom. There was no second bride (bride wife?). Erika Anderson was taking part in a new ceremony of “self-marriage.” The practice is called sologamy, and it’s gaining popularity.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the leftists are ridiculing and attacking marriage once again, and this time it’s from an unpredicted direction. Obviously, just “being single” is not good enough. This new practice of sologamy seems to be just another scream for attention in a society in which posting everything one does on social media is just not enough. The “look at me!” crowd is reaching appalling new heights.

As of right now, self-marriage is not a legally accepted marital status. However, if history has taught us anything, there will soon be sologamy activist groups and calls of bigotry for anyone who does not accept this ridiculous practice. Political correctness has become the grease of the countercultural attack machine.

Somehow, millennia of tradition are being totally unraveled in the span of a generation. No longer is the Left content to just do what they want. These thought police now demand everyone else accept them and their nontraditional (to say the least) hedonistic and amoral lifestyles.

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The multi-pronged attacks on traditional and conservative values are supported by the all-too-eager accomplices in the media. Newspapers and 24-hour news networks celebrate and praise every attempt to change our traditions as a “civil rights movement.”

From my perspective, this is extremely disrespectful and condescending to the brave African-American leaders from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s who fought and died to gain their true constitutionally promised civil rights. It appears that the leftists try to piggyback off that righteous cause for any modern-day trend that promotes an alternative lifestyle.

Not all marriages last, of course. Many marriages are formed initially for the wrong reasons or between people who may not be compatible. These facts do not lessen the importance of the union. You cannot use a high divorce rate as a reason to challenge the definition of marriage.

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Here is a really simple definition/formula for “marriage” that everyone can understand: 1m + 1w +L (+F)=M. (One man and one woman in love and, in most cases, faith, agree to unite for life.)

Most people on the Right do not care about the details of someone else’s life partner. Feel free to call it a “civil union” or a “commitment promise,” but keep your hands off the sacred rite of marriage.

You may have legally won the right to call it a marriage in the eyes of the government — but Christians, conservatives and traditionalists will never recognize it as such.

John Cylc is an eight-year U.S. Army veteran and lives with his family in eastern Tennessee. His primary advocacy is promoting and protecting Second Amendment rights.

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