The One Film This Senator Says All Lawmakers Should See

Here's why this member of Congress is making this extraordinary recommendation

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has taken to his Facebook account to recommend an upcoming Netflix movie, “War Machine,” starring Brad Pitt.

The film is a comedic look at the beginnings of the Iraq War and the mishandling of the situation by Washington bureaucrats and those in charge of the 2003 invasion.

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Brad Pitt stars as a general, named McMahon, in charge of the effort on the ground. The character is based on retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal. The satirical film debuts on Netflix on May 26.

Sen. Paul thinks there’s a very specific audience that should be forced to watch the movie. “Previewed ‘War Machine’ last night. Should be mandatory for Congress to watch, particularly legislators hell bent on continuing/restarting the war in Afghanistan,” wrote the senator.

The Iraq War has become a particularly unpopular effort, as even President Donald Trump made his disagreement with the original invasion one of the cornerstones of his campaign.

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Star and producer Brad Pitt has said his film is different from others criticizing the war, as it focuses its attention on the people making the decisions, rather than the soldiers doing their best on the ground.

“The impetus for me was a visit to Walter Reed,” Pitt told The Advocate about a visit he made in 2014. “Those young men and women — who are absolutely heroic in a very harrowing situation — their lives are forever changed, and so are their families. It just really made me question who is spending this currency of dedication. Who’s writing the check? Who’s making the order?”

The actor added, “We had no interest in impugning General McChrystal or any of his guys.”

Pitt said the problem is more “systematic.”

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Paul’s recommendation of the film is not the first time he’s made pop culture suggestions. He revealed last year to Fox News that his favorite movie was “Enemy of the State,” starring Will Smith and Gene Hackman, an ahead-of-its time 1998 thriller that theorized the CIA could spy on people anywhere and everywhere.

For his favorite television show, he told the news outlet he’d have to pick the HBO miniseries, “John Adams.”

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