Jimmy Fallon’s Wimpy Comedy

After all that talk earlier this week, comedian bows to political pressure — look what he just said about Trump

Jimmy Fallon has no backbone. He’s proven such since an interview with The New York Times dropped this week in which the late-night host defended his decision to remain apolitical with his comedy, and to not go after President Donald Trump as other comedians, such as Stephen Colbert, have done without mercy.

“People that voted for Trump watch my show,” said Fallon. “It’s not ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show.’ It’s ‘The Tonight Show.'”

He added in that interview, “I don’t want to be bullied into not being me, and not doing what I think is funny.”

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The comedian has long taken heat from the Left and from social media for the apolitical nature of his show and his “softball” interview with Donald Trump back in September.

Even though Fallon said he wouldn’t be “bullied,” and he seemed to have respect for his audience and his platform that other late-night hosts don’t — he’s now shown he’s just a wimp.

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Fallon has gotten more and more political in his monologues all this week, which seems like a direct result of the media coverage he’s gotten about his words in The Times interview — many people criticized him, while right-of-center platforms praised him.

On Monday, Fallon did a bit that poked fun at President Trump’s commencement speech at Liberty University. On Tuesday, he joined the herd and criticized Trump for the overly politicized charge of allegedly leaking classified information to the Russians.

Then, last night, Fallon basically mimicked people like Stephen Colbert — nearly the entire opening monologue for Fallon went after Trump. “That’s right: a recording just came out from a closed-door meeting where Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy says he thinks that Vladimir Putin ‘pays’ Donald Trump. Trump said he never accepted any money from Putin because he was paid entirely in KFC gift cards,” said Fallon.

Yes — Fallon said this. 

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Note to comedians: There is nothing edgy or cool or fabulous about going after Trump. Everyone from lowly CNN interns to big-time celebrities do it. It’s exhausted. It’s lame. It’s lazy.

To make matters worse, Fallon is doing this after having acknowledged that he has Trump-supporting fans — and that he wouldn’t be bullied into exploiting “The Tonight Show” platform.

But he’s already receiving pats on the back from the leftist media for doing just this. Check out this Daily Beast headline: “Jimmy Fallon Finally Mans Up and Goes After Donald Trump.”

Apparently “manning up” today means going with the status quo, bowing down to the will of the social justice warriors, and doing the same tired bits as your competitors. What happened to being your own man? What happened to an independent voice, a thought, a word?

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