Colbert: The Leftist Masquerading as a Comic

Television comedy is dead and gone, as 'The Late Show' host mocks the GOP for American Health Care Act

Stephen Colbert claimed he’d be less political when he first moved from his Comedy Central show to replace David Letterman on CBS’ “The Late Show.”

He’s broken that vow many times over by now. Not only has Colbert become much more blatantly political, he’s gotten lazy, too. Even with a staff of 19 full-time writers, the best he can do is lob tired old jokes at Republicans.

After recently landing in hot water for making a vulgar joke at President Trump’s expense, Colbert attempted to take on House Republicans last night for voting to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Said Colbert, “‘Obamacare is finally officially dead,’ is something they can say once the bill goes to the Senate, then gets out of committee, is debated on the floor, where amendments can be added, then the Senate votes on their bill, which is sent to conference committee, where the difference between the two bills are [sic] ironed out, then voted on in the House and Senate again, then sent to the White House for the president to sign. Which is why Republicans were chanting, ‘We’re number one … third of the way through a very complex process!'”

What is the joke here? The late-night host is simply explaining the process of government. This same joke could have been made about former President Barack Obama when he was trying to forge his Obamacare law. This is simply Colbert using any and every excuse he can to take shots at those with whom he disagrees. He only got more political from there.

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“If hearing that raises your blood pressure, calm down. You can’t afford the medication anymore,” Colbert said.

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Colbert now dedicates a major part of his opening monologues to politics. He’s not even attempting to be funny anymore; it’s as if he’s lobbying for a job at MSNBC.

Preachy overpaid leftists look for any excuse to jump on a soapbox.

Compare Colbert’s opening monologues to the great and classic Johnny Carson monologues — and it’s a wonder how the man dares to call himself a late-night comic. Colbert has given up trying to be funny and now just wants to be divisive and political.

After his viewers deal all day long with politics and division in the news, on social media, and everywhere else in life, it’s strange that Colbert assumes people then want to tune into his show — only to hear more of it. People once tuned into late-night TV to laugh, to relax, to kick back, no matter what their politics. Now the late-night world of TV is made up of preachy overpaid leftists looking for any excuse to jump on a soapbox.

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