Hollywood celebrities including Paris Hilton and Megan Fox were robbed between the years 2008 and 2009 by what came to be known as the Bling Ring, a group of young girls and boys who specifically targeted the houses of stars.

Now a new “bling ring” could be forming: Some high-profile celebrities have been burglarized recently. Kendell Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian, was robbed on March 16, losing up to $200,000 of goods from her Hollywood Hills estate.

Rapper Drake’s home was recently broken into, though nothing was stolen and the burglar was arrested by police when this individual was found locked in a room in the Southern California home — surrounded by empty water and soda bottles from the fridge.

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The home of model and spokesperson Fabio Lanzoni was also ransacked recently. Access Hollywood learned last week that the star had been robbed of over $200,000 worth of materials from his home in January.

“I came home and I saw one of the windows [broken],” said Fabio, a native of Milan, Italy, who became an American citizen in 2016. “I knew right away [that] something [had] happened.”

Despite precautions taken, such as guard dogs and electronic cameras, events seemed to perfectly align that day for a robbery of the celebrity’s home. Fabio’s dogs were outside on that January day, though they were usually kept inside; and the robbers came from a neighbor’s yard and happened to pass by a spot where the model had no camera mounted — though he has one there now.

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Stolen during the robbery was Fabio’s safe, which included $127,000 in gold coins and $80,000 worth of watches. Yet the safe had been bolted to the floor — and weighed over 200 pounds.

Los Angeles police detective William Dunn, who is actively working the case, told Access Hollywood the safe was found the day after the robbery. “The safe was recovered in a nice area, a good area, but [just] a few blocks away … is a known gang area.”

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There has been a recent string of robberies in Fabio’s neighborhood — and he revealed he will be purchasing a firearm for further protection.

“Laws are made to be respected.”

Fabio also showed gratitude to the police and urged other celebrities to do the same. He said “a lot” of other celebrities have been robbed recently and said, “Please, for all the celebrities out there, come out and support the cops. Otherwise, I’m telling you, there’s going to be total anarchy,” he said.

Fabio recently did a cameo in the Terrence Malick-directed film, “Knight of Cups,” and has long been outspoken in his support of abiding by the law. On his long process to become a legal U.S. citizen, he told Page Six, “If you want to come to this country, the American people are the greatest people on earth and will welcome you with open arms, but you have to go through the system — laws are made to be respected.”