Left-Wing Activists Prepare for ‘Resistance’ with Breathing Exercises

MoveOn teaches anti-Trump agitators coping strategies, 'our breath is so precious'

Coping strategies used by distressed liberals to deal with President Donald Trump’s November election victory are now being used to prepare activists to “resist” the Trump agenda.

Coddled college kids across the country tried group cry-ins, group hug-ins, coloring with crayons, and even finger-painting to deal with the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

“Our breath is so precious,” Johnson continued, “and if it wasn’t so precious Eric Garner would be alive, rest in peace.”

Now adult snowflake activists are using breathing exercises to prepare for anti-Trump protests.

During a MoveOn.Org “Ready to Resist: Emergency Call” this week — part of a weekly teleconference organized by the Working Families Party that brings together leftist activists to discuss “the resistance” — Mark-Anthony Johnson, health director for a group called Dignity and Power NOW, led those on the call in a number of breathing exercises.

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“Right now I’m going to ask everyone who’s on this call to take a moment and just breathe with me,” Johnson began. “This is a simple technique that you can use as we’re in the tactics, as we’re in the strategy, as we’re in the back-to-back actions that we’re going to be in we can take a moment to breathe,” he said.

“Our breath is so precious,” Johnson continued, “and if it wasn’t so precious Eric Garner would be alive, rest in peace.”

“We’re gonna take a moment to just breathe and I invite you to take three seconds to inhale and three seconds to exhale,” Johnson said, before counting out the seconds for all those involved and then repeating the three seconds in, three seconds out exercise another two times.

Then it was time to really get serious and take the breathing exercises to the next level.

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“It’s important in these moments of high response and rapid response that we make time to let our bodies know that we can be our whole self [so] we’re actually going to go a little deeper into this,” Johnson prepared his audience. “Five seconds to inhale, five seconds to exhale.”

When Johnson arrived at the final part of his exercise, he invited the participants to grunt in order to shed their frustrations with the Trump era.

“And this last piece what I would invite you to do — once again you could do this anywhere — allow that exhale to make a sound,” said Johnson.

“Whatever’s in your body right now, or whatever frustrations, excitement, [or] joy … give it a sound,” he said, before making an indescribably uncomfortable noise.

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