Germans Market ‘Safe Shorts’ to Protect from Sex Crimes

Escalating assaults in Merkel's Europe are bringing back the popularity of the chastity belt

Necessity being the mother of invention is a fundamental principle of technological development and human entrepreneurship.

In that vein, the massive influx of mainly male Muslim migrants into Europe from nations with illiberal views on women — and the resulting epidemic of sex crimes — has apparently led one aspiring entrepreneur to invent “Safe Shorts.”

“The shorts are a pair of athletic shorts, chastity belt, and rape whistle all rolled into one.”

“I wanted to develop a protection that makes women feel more secure,” inventor Sandra Seilz told German newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung in an interview published in mid-January. “For more than a year … I was thinking about how to create pants that would protect women against rapists,” she told Sputnik Germany.

“Do you know the feeling when you are outside that someone could attack you from behind? You want to scream, but you cannot. You want to run away, but the offender is holding you? You lack the strength to get rid of him? Do not let it get so far! SAFE SHORTS gives you protection,” the Safe Shorts website proclaims.

“Get into your SAFE SHORTS, pull the ergonomically running tear and cut resistant high-tech cords until the pants are seated,” the site says. “Fix the strings on the closing mechanism and the 130 decibel siren power alarm and close. If someone pulls at your SAFE SHORTS, the alarm is immediately triggered and the pants cannot be pulled down,” it explains.

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The shorts are a pair of athletic shorts, chastity belt, and rape whistle all rolled into one. “Safe Shorts provide triple protection against sexual assaults, and we’re very proud of them,” Seilz said in her Sputnik interview.

The tear- and slash-resistant shorts have cords sewn into them which can be tied to prevent the pants from being pulled off. The cords can be secured further with a mini padlock. If the cords are pulled by either an assailant or the wearer, a siren will be triggered.

In addition to the locking mechanism and alarm, the shorts include a “flexible, soft protector in the crotch” that prevents any further interference.

The website (www.safeshorts.eu) and brochure for the product reminds customers that there were “1,276 alleged victims of sexual violence in Cologne’s New Year’s Eve!” The shorts began selling at the end of 2016, and the first 150 pairs available sold out instantly, according to reports.

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There is both a panty version and a jogging short version of Safe Shorts. The panties sell for 110 Euro while the shorts are priced at roughly 150 Euro.

Seinz devised the concept after almost falling victim to an attempted rape by three men while she was out jogging. Seinz was saved only by the appearance another individual walking his dog.

The veritable epidemic of sexual assaults under which Germany currently suffers has been linked directly to the Muslim migrant crisis.

The first nine days of 2017 saw at least 35 rapes or sexual assaults reported in Germany and Austria — a sickening rate of roughly 3.7 per day. Over the course of only two days — Jan. 9 and 10 — German police reported at least 13 migrant sex crimes.

UPDATE: Seinz has told LifeZette that the development of Safe Shorts was not a direct result of the migrant crisis. “I hereby expressly dissociate myself from … xenophobia. The refugee situation has nothing to do with the development of this product,” Seinz said.

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