Feminist nurses will leave their sick patients; feminist bus drivers will abandon their riders; and feminist scientists will leave their labs — according to reports of a worldwide “Day Without A Woman” being planned for March 8.

Yet in contrast to these angry, defiant people — dedicated moms, grandmothers, wives and caregivers will continue to do what they have always done: keep their families running.

“These angry women are good at either showing up in mobs, or disappearing completely,” said one mom of three from Topsfield, Massachusetts. “I am a feminist in that I want equal wages and opportunities, but it seems wildly premature to expend all this energy just a month into Trump’s presidency. Plus, what in the world would my kids do if I took a day off from being a mom?”

On this general strike, planned to show what a day without women would look like, prepare for millions of women to stay in their jammies watching Netflix.

“In the spirit of women and their allies coming together for love and liberation, we offer a Day Without a Woman,” a statement from the organizers read. “We ask: Do businesses support our communities, or do they drain our communities? Do they strive for gender equity or do they support the policies and leaders that perpetuate oppressions?”

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“I found the Women’s March to be an embarrassment for women, and I see this Day Without a Woman to be embarrassing in a different way,” said one mom of four from the Boston area. “No one is saying women aren’t important, which is what absenting themselves from work implies the message from the White House is. I think these women are just anxious to cause a stir in any way possible. Want to really make a difference?” she continued. “March to raise money for hungry children in America. March for American families who are struggling with childcare, putting food on the table, and accessing health care after Obama’s eight years in office.”

The terms of the strike and how it will actually be carried out aren’t clear yet, but organizers said they would be sharing more information over the coming weeks.

The “Day Without A Woman” strike will echo the “Day Without Immigrants” strike Thursday across the nation.

That strike calls for immigrants not to go to work, spend money, or even send kids to school, as The Washington Post and others reported. The strike reportedly is a response to President Donald Trump’s comments against immigrants and his plans to build the Mexican border wall — and to exercise extreme vetting for those who enter the U.S.

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Lost in all this striking is the fact that Trump supports legal immigration — and is a vocal advocate for women and families. It’s both easier and more provocative for angry, hysterical feminists to march and strike against what could be in the future, than wait and see what will likely be — higher wages due to a robust economy and increased national safety for themselves and those they love.

And if women think that Trump is threatening Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights — they might want to investigate just how much Planned Parenthood really cares for them and their mental and emotional future.

Come on, women — this is a sign of a society in moral decay.

A new investigative Live Action video shows testimony from a woman named Sue Thayer, a former Storm Lake, Iowa, Planned Parenthood manager, who explains: “I trained my staff the way that I was trained, which was to really encourage women to choose abortion — to have it at Planned Parenthood, because it counts towards our goal.”

What was the prize for reaching the abortion goal? A pizza party. “It sounds kind of crazy, but pizza is a motivator [for getting the abortion numbers up],” Thayer is heard explaining.

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Come on, women — this is a sign of a society in moral decay. At least take your day off to search your heart and really determine if this is the numb and willingly blind culture you want to advance.