Weed Wacko Willie Nelson

Singer is putting a Trump diss track on his next album

Music legend and notorious pot smoker Willie Nelson has revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that his upcoming album, “God’s Problem Child,” will include an anti-Donald Trump song. The title of the song? “Delete and Fast Forward.”

The 83-year-old singer shared some of the lyrics in an interview with the publication to promote his album’s April release date.

“Delete and fast-forward, my friend/ The elections are over and nobody wins/ But don’t worry too much, you’ll go crazy again/ Delete and fast forward, my friend,” said Nelson. He said his lyrics were about mentally skipping through Trump’s first term in office.

“Don’t worry too much, you’ll go crazy again.” — from Nelson’s new anti-Trump song

Nelson was previously a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and then Hillary Clinton. With numerous arrests for pot possession in his past, Nelson was asked about the possibility that Trump might crack down on marijuana laws — something that to date has not been a high priority or talking point for the president-elect.

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“I didn’t have any problem finding [marijuana] when it was illegal, and now that it’s legal, it’s still no problem. Making it illegal again won’t stop people from smoking. They should have learned that back in Prohibition days,” said Nelson.

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Nelson revealed in a 2015 interview with CNN that his biggest disagreement with Trump came from the president-elect’s stance on harsher entry requirements for refugees. Nelson’s stance? “Bring them on in.”

Despite those political differences, Nelson revealed he’d be open to meeting with the president-elect and possibly partaking in Nelson’s famous pastime. “I’d smoke [pot] with anybody,” Nelson said..

Nelson’s announcement of his Trump-themed song comes on the heels of U2’s announcement that it was reevaluating its latest album and delaying the release in order to let the election sink in. Considering Bono once called Trump “potentially the worst idea that ever happened to America” — we can likely expect plenty of anti-Trump songs from them as well.

We must brace ourselves for musicians far past their prime, such as Willie Nelson, desperately trying to find cultural relevance again by jumping on the anti-Trump train.

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