As high school seniors around the country anxiously await acceptance letters, one basketball player had a very different experience. He may have thought he was losing of all his athletic opportunities when the cops showed up looking for him.

Police officers have an ability to get hearts pounding. Especially for athletes — who have a lot to lose, should they get into trouble with the law. Ask high school athletes — every time they walk out the door, parents are reminding them to behave and keep their noses clean. Get into trouble, they get kicked off the team.

That’s why police officers had Andrew Dakich, a walk-on guard for the University of Michigan, shifting in his seat when they entered a basketball team meeting and told the coach, “We need to talk to one of your players.”

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The two officers told Dakich that his conduct on campus was related to a “number of ongoing investigations.” As he sat up in his seat, they continued that Dakich, the son of ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich, was needed in the university’s compliance office right away.

Dakich’s posture stiffened, and he answered, “OK” — sounding terrified.

But it turns out Dakich wasn’t in trouble at all. He was being offered a full ride instead. The officers told the young man that Michigan coach John Beilein was offering him a full basketball scholarship for the rest of the school year.

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Police officers sure have a sense of humor sometimes.

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