Health Tip of the Day: Jan. 5

Smartest steps to feel well, eat well, and live your best life

“For parents who are guilty of adopting the food police role: Stop talking about food. If your child doesn’t want to eat breakfast, don’t force her. If your child doesn’t like broccoli, don’t promise him it will make him big and strong. Even if you are excited she ate a healthy meal, don’t cheerlead. And definitely don’t entice him to eat a healthy dinner with the prospect of dessert. Model good eating habits. Have fun at the table so meals become positive, relaxed experiences, for both you and your kids. I bet you will have a delicious, less-pressured 2017, and your children will be eating well, all on their own.” — Casey Seidenberg, co-founder of Nourish Schools, a D.C.-based nutrition education company, in The Washington Post

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