Left Engaged in Total War Against Conservative Thought

Corporations join social media outlets and liberal press in post-election political cleansing

While much of the nation focuses its attention on the incoming administration of President-Elect Donald Trump, a handful of businesses and organizations have ramped up efforts to stamp out free thought and strong voices.

Free thought and strong voices, after all, gave us Trump.

A censorious mood is sweeping the nation’s elite centers. Red-state America is being told to shut up.

And this causes many to stew in anger. Some have lashed out. The casualties so far have been small — but notable, and growing.

This week, Kellogg’s pulled its ads from Breitbart News, causing an immediate backlash against the Michigan-based cereal maker. Kellogg’s officials said the decision had nothing to do with politics.

But the company also said Breitbart didn’t align with its values. This is not too surprising. The corporate Kellogg’s Twitter account is full of news on climate action to help ensure “food security.”

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“Kellogg among companies taking #climateaction and encouraging others to do the same for the future of farmers and food #COP22,” the company tweeted on Nov. 17.

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The U.S. Kellogg’s site also promotes organizations aligned with the Left on social issues.

“At Kellogg’s, we are committed to supporting all children and teens in having a safe and bright future. We are thrilled to join GLAAD’s Spirit Day and stand against bullying and show our support for LGBTQ youth,” said Mark King, chief of the Kellogg’s Diversity and Inclusion Office.

But apparently supporting conservative thought was too much for King and others.

The Kellogg’s backlash has been sizable. Breitbart kicked off an internet campaign against Kellogg’s and its readers flooded Kellogg’s social media sites with angry messages. It was a textbook example of why most corporations stay out of the political fray.

But it’s too late for many increasingly ideological companies. Over the last decade, many have installed “inclusion” officers, diversity policies, and liberal-leaning mission statements that would make Harvard University blush. These companies now do business in a nation their officers don’t recognize.

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But the media still leads the way in the culture wars. Perhaps the most controversial attack in the post-election culture war was made by BuzzFeed. The trendy news site attacked the pastor of Chip and Joanna Gaines for being against same-sex marriage.

It all started when Kevin Fallon, the Los Angeles entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast, said he suspected the people on “House Hunters” were mouth-breathing Trump voters. That was Nov. 26.

“My blood-boiling suspicion that every couple featured voted for Trump has ruined ‘House Hunters’ for me,” Fallon tweeted.

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Kate Aurthur, the BuzzFeed L.A. correspondent, replied: “And ‘Fixer Upper.'”

Before long, Aurthur had penned a truly ugly piece on the pastor of the hosts of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Gaines’ church, Aurthur declared, was “firmly against” same-sex marriage.

Reaction was swift and harsh — even The Washington Post ran an op-ed slamming the article as “dangerous.” Buzzfeed has yet to apologize for the article.

Celebrities are also still lashing out. Designer Tom Ford said that he will not be designing dresses for Melania Trump, the future first lady. Ford gave excuses, but he couldn’t help but mention the fact he is a Democrat.

Such behavior irks Adriana Cohen, a columnist and talk-show host for the Boston Herald.

“If you don’t bake a cake for members of the gay community, there’s outrage,” said Cohen. “I thought liberals wanted us to be tolerant.”

Cohen said the Left is now engaging in a behavior it once said was one of the highest forms of offense: discrimination.

“We’re seeing a culture that is starting to discriminate against people based on political affiliation,” said Cohen. “Discrimination in any form is unacceptable.”

The behavior also shows how far will the Left go, even in defeat, to stomp out conservative thought.

At Boston College, a large number of faculty and staff signed an open letter bemoaning the election of Trump and calling on BC to “immediately adopt a zero-tolerance policy against hate speech.” Who defines hate speech? The liberal faculty — of course.

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One of the dumbest attacks on pro-Trump speech came on Reddit, where the company co-founder, CEO Steve Huffman, recently admitted he edited remarks that were critical of him. The pro-Trump posters, apparently, have been driving him crazy.

These reactions are not surprising. Conservative speech is never well-tolerated at colleges, in Hollywood, or even in corporate America.

And the cultural narrative has been shaken to the core. Hollywood elites, college professors, and even corporate types at places such as Kellogg’s thought the narrative would remain the way President Obama would want it to remain: lots of “climate action” talk, anti-oil-and-coal propaganda, yap about food purity, “sustainability,” and other agenda items that Tom Friedman nods at — basically, the perennial Christmas wish list for liberals.

That all changed around 9 p.m. on Nov. 8. The American people have a different agenda in mind, and it starts with jobs, not climate action.

Whether or not the people will be able to express these feelings through media is up for debate. A censorious mood is sweeping the nation’s elite centers. Red-state America is being told to shut up.

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