LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham railed against figures in the Washington Establishment who would choose ideological rigidity over the interests of the American people Friday.

“The elites were all worried about Trump, they were freaking out about Trump, they did anything they could do to hurt Trump’s chances to win,” Ingraham said on her nationally syndicated radio show.

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“They weren’t afraid of Trump running and losing, they were afraid of Trump winning. They were afraid of Trump winning because they were afraid of this ideas — the populist more pragmatic approach to governance,” Ingraham explained.

Ingraham criticized “this ideological fervor that so many on the Left and Right clothe themselves in” and explained that “if [something] helps America,” Trump will do it. “If it means government intervention to help the American worker he’s going to do it,” Ingraham added.

“If it becomes really unpopular, he won’t do it; if it turns out we can’t manage the money side of it, he’s not going to do it — but if it’s going to help the American people, and it offends the CATO Institute, ask me if I care,” she said.

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Nor did Ingraham care “if it offends American Enterprise Institute, where Arthur Brooks was in a triumphant glee 10 days before the election on MSNBC lording over the panel that” Trump would lose.

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“He was gleeful, he was very triumphant. Now it turns out that he’s going to go back to his same donors and try to get money for AEI,” said Ingraham. “Why should anyone give money to a person running an institution that is wrong most of the time, but who writes books that liberals like?” she asked.

Ingraham suggested that voters break free from supporting think tanks that speak loftily of America but do little to preserve its interests.

“Why do you give money to these think tanks who end up working against the American workers’ interest?” Ingraham asked. “Give your money to individuals who run campaigns that help this country.”