“West Wing” and “Newsroom” writer Aaron Sorkin, known for his particular voice in screenwriting, is not mincing words when it comes to his feelings about new President-Elect Donald Trump.

While many in the country are talking about healing and coming together, Sorkin has penned an open letter to his daughters, published in Vanity Fair, saying that the election of Trump is “truly horrible.”

“I don’t think this guy can make it a year without committing an impeachable crime.”

He says, “It’s hardly the first time my candidate didn’t win (in fact it’s the sixth time) but it is the first time that a thoroughly incompetent pig with dangerous ideas, a serious psychiatric disorder, no knowledge of the world and no curiosity to learn has.”

Sorkin doesn’t stop there.

He writes that Trump’s supporters also won on Tuesday night — citing the KKK, “white nationalists, sexists, racists and buffoons.”

“Hate was given hope,” he goes on to say. “For the next four years, the president of the United States, the same office held by Washington and Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, F.D.R., J.F.K. and Barack Obama, will be held by a man-boy who’ll spend his hours exacting Twitter vengeance against all who criticize him (and those numbers will be legion). We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of our children and the world.”

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“The Trumpsters want to see people like us (Jewish, ‘coastal elites,’ educated, socially progressive, Hollywood…) sobbing and wailing and talking about moving to Canada.” But he urged instead that people “f***ing fight.”

And he predicted: “I don’t think this guy can make it a year without committing an impeachable crime.”

Interesting choice of words, given that Hillary Clinton’s husband was impeached. And that was his candidate.

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Other celebrities have been weighing in on the election, too, of course.

Ellen DeGeneres, who taped her show before the election, said Wednesday in a message that’s going viral that the country needs to come together.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, we’ve all passed out watching Netflix, woken up not knowing what episode we’re on, what season we’re on, what couch we’re on. What I’m trying to say is we have so much in common, our differences actually make us stronger.”

But, she said, “Here’s where I make the exception: The people that leave the shopping carts in the middle of your parking spot. Out of the country. Kick ’em out the country.”

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Seth Meyers, in his late-night monologue, talked about being wrong about Donald Trump, saying (with a hint of sarcasm), “He’s probably going to be a great “f***ing president.”

He went on to stick in what sounded like heartfelt thoughts to anyone who voted for Trump, saying, “Congratulations. I sincerely hope he addressed your concerns. I sincerely hope that if you felt forgotten, he won’t forget you now.”

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“I am hopeful for President Trump,” said Meyers, but then he went on to do some bashing of Trump TV and Rudy Giuliani and vowed that his late-night show will be “watching” the Trump presidency.