He also has a 100-percent pro-life voting record, according to the National Right to Life Committee.

“Good law should prevail,” Sen. Sessions said. “Our policies in this country as a nation should focus on life, should focus on decency, and focus on love for even the least of these.”

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“Senator Jeff Sessions is a longtime ally of the pro-life movement with a 100-percent pro-life record,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List. “A pro-life attorney general will be a welcome change. The Obama administration has consistently turned a blind eye to the abortion industry, led by Planned Parenthood, and their horrific involvement in the trafficking of baby body organs.”

His record on religious liberty and life issues has not faltered throughout his time in the U.S. Senate. This year especially, religious liberty is an issue that concerns many American voters.

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“Sen. Sessions recognizes that religious liberty for all is vital to American greatness and that the free exercise of religion must be protected in both private and public life. In a time when government overreach and intrusion have encroached on these indispensable freedoms, Sen. Sessions’ proven commitment to religious liberty and respect for conscience makes him a fantastic choice for attorney general,” said Roger Severino, the director of The Heritage Foundation’s DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society and a former Justice Department trial attorney.

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Penny Nance, CEO and president of Concerned Women For America, also commented on Sen. Sessions’ commitment to religious liberty.

“Sen. Sessions has been a champion for the conservative principles that are the foundation of liberty and freedom. Both his academic preparation and his stellar career as a U.S. attorney and as a senator testify of an honest, competent man with a heart towards serving his fellow countrymen, even through much personal sacrifice,” said Nance.

“The thousands of members of Concerned Women for America (CWA) around the country will urge senators to move quickly in the new year to confirm Sen. Sessions as the next attorney general, so that we may start rectifying many of the asphyxiating policies pursued by Attorney[s] General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. The attacks on religious freedom and freedom of conscience in general, for example, must be atop of the list,” Nance continued.

Rep. Louie Gohmert also commented on the selection of Sessions:

“Having worked with Sen. Sessions on criminal justice issues, homeland security issues, matters of a judicial nature in addition to having facetime together on critical matters, I am simply smiling ear to ear on the realization that America’s truth and justice are actually going to finally make a comeback,” Rep. Gohmert said.

President-Elect Trump’s decision to give the nod to Sessions is a clear message about the commitment to conservative principles — and ultimately, the defense of religious liberty in a new administration.