One More Sign Our Schools Have Caved to the LGBT Agenda

Entire class forced to watch one kid's gender-confused video — and you won't believe what the teacher did

The mainstream media is awash with examples of LGBT students who are bullied or forced to conform to school policies or other rules. Yet LGBT students now controlling classrooms under the noses of their own teachers — who are too intimidated to discipline them.

“Our whole class was made to watch a video of a boy in class who tried out for cheerleading as his preferred gender that week — a girl,” a Massachusetts high school senior told LifeZette. “The student — who makes us call him ‘it,’ as his preferred pronoun — basically made fun of the cheerleaders in the tryout, while a friend filmed him.”

“What will happen when a heterosexual kid suffering anxiety files a court case — asking the 1 percent of the school population to stop imposing their values on him?”

The student added, “He came into class and shouted that he wanted everyone to watch his video, and we couldn’t believe it, but the teacher made us all crowd around the student’s cellphone to watch it. It was really silly, and a gigantic waste of class time. We were all looking at each other, like, ‘What is going on right now?'”

This student also said, “The teacher was too afraid to tell him we weren’t going to watch his video of his cheerleading tryout.”

When a Boston-area businessman and father of three heard this story, he recalled an experience at an airport not long ago. He heard two transgender teens at Logan Airport in Boston openly express delight over the idea of confronting airport security if they were questioned about their gender.

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“A boy identifying as a girl and a girl identifying as a boy were in line ahead of me and my family, waiting to go through security for a flight to Chicago,” the father of three said. “Both kids were around 15 years old, and were very loud and dramatic. They were screeching, ‘I just hope TSA questions me when I hand them my license. I have a note from my shrink saying I have chosen to identify as the opposite gender and they need to let me through. I just hope they question me!'”

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The father was troubled for several reasons, he said.

“It was disturbing to the families with kids in line — no one is ready to get into that conversation with little kids at the airport. And no one really knew what to do, so we all did nothing. No one else in a security line would be able to act that way. They would get pulled out of line,” he noted.

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The father said it is sad for the confused kids themselves. They’ve obviously been coached by adults on how to defend their preferred gender.

“You know what is forgotten in all this LGBT stuff?” he said. “What about the anxiety these LGBT kids are causing straight kids in schools? What will happen when a heterosexual kid suffering enough anxiety files a court case — asking the 1 percent of the school population who is LGBT to stop imposing their values on him?”

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