How Much Do You Know About Marijuana Wax?

Teens know where to get this potent pot — pull up a chair

This long holiday weekend, talk to your older kids about everything and anything — including marijuana.

“[Marijuana wax] is pretty common,” Conner Dobbins, a student at New Palestine High School, told RTV6, the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis, Indiana. “I know people who have done it. Some friends have tried it. It’s pretty much common everywhere.”

There are some key facts parents and kids must know: Yes, it’s easily available. It’s also cheap, it provides a faster and longer-lasting high — and it is much stronger than traditional marijuana. The wax can boost THC levels from the 23 percent that’s found in “normal” marijuana to as much as 85 percent — causing paranoia and hallucinations.

Marijuana wax, also known as “honey,” “honeycomb,” and “budder,” has been prevalent on the coasts for years, but it appears to be making its way through every nook and cranny of the nation.

Drug enforcement officials in Indiana say the wax, which can look as simple as a container of lip balm, started appearing about six months ago.

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“It’s something new on the scene like ‘Spice’ was a few years ago,” Greenfield Police Detective Lt. Randy Ratliff told RTV6. “This is something new that is coming into our community that people need to be made aware of. It is dangerous if manufactured. It is dangerous if it is taken in big quantities.”

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It can also be incredibly dangerous to make. Numerous house and other fires have been started during the manufacturing process, as the drug is manufactured with a highly flammable solvent.

The wax is legal in all states where marijuana and medical marijuana are legal.

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