College Crybabies Need Maturity 101

Meltdowns, cry-ins, coloring sessions — time to grow up

It’s irony at its worst. Those who carried “Love Trumps Trump” signs a few days ago are now among the mobs destroying public and private property across the country. The special snowflake temper tantrums are hurting not only innocent citizens, but also police forces who risk their own safety to quell the violence.

President-Elect Donald Trump’s historic and unexpected win last Tuesday, which trumped protesters’ strident hopes for Hillary Clinton, has exposed a hateful insincerity that’s burning down city blocks from the West Coast to the East — all “in love,” of course. But how does destroying a Portland, Oregon, Toyota dealership, for example, have anything to do with loving and wanting to protect one’s country?

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The backlash isn’t just on city streets. Even college students, who should be adults by now, are behaving as frail, coddled children — or worse, as rioters. The self-esteem-based participation trophies that millennials have effortlessly earned for the past 20 years have not prepared them for real life. In the face of disagreement, they wilt. A tangible, post-election pall hangs in many college hallways. Students talk about how they slept little or fitfully on election night. Counselors are on hand to help student bodies cope with the “intense feelings of sadness and panic” and with the “challenging weeks ahead.”

Some campuses encourage students to bring their pets to class for emotional therapy. Others are even posting the National Suicide Hotline number in case students or teachers need to talk through their fears and desire to end it all.

Yet the Left continues to accuse Trump supporters of losing their minds.

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In many cases, professors aren’t any better behaved than students. They enable the pouting. From Berkeley to Yale, professors have canceled classes in the name of helping people recover from the “trauma” of Trump’s election. Deans and other faculty are sending emails detailing how to handle students’ fearful emotions “gently,” with “concern and wisdom in the face of such distressing political times.”

One Yale economics professor stated that an exam was “optional” because he had received many “heartfelt notes” from students who were nursing their hurt feelings in “shock” over election results. Another professor, from Cleveland State University, told students to wear “warm clothes” because they were going on strike outside.

University of Maryland professor Alan Peel went so far as to call Trump a threat, saying in an email to students, “The nation in which you currently reside decided last night to elect a president whose own words have painted him a moral and possibly physical hazard to many of us.” He added, “I am convinced it is necessary to postpone any assessments whose scores might very well reflect circumstances far beyond the mastery of the current material.”

Emotional meltdowns have apparently become the new normal at colleges rife with adult crybabies.

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Peaceful public protest is certainly legal in the United States, and we are thankful for and encourage that right. But when has it ever been helpful to whine and carry on because a “rival” group of people won a presidential election?

For the sake of sanity, let’s recap some of the many reasons Trump was elected over Hillary (and even Bernie). Perhaps such a list will help liberal students and teachers alike understand how they themselves caused this political revolution.

For example, the left-wing crowd pushed organizations such as Planned Parenthood and its evil agenda to abort babies — not fetuses —  even minutes before they would be born naturally. Leftists also protested the Second Amendment, ignoring statistics on how gun control laws have failed and threatening to disarm law-abiding citizens who have a God-given right to protect themselves.

Beyond this, they repeatedly called honest Americans “racists” and “bigots” for merely disagreeing with them — since their “tolerance” is loving only when others concur. (This can be seen any time a faith-based business legitimately tries to refuse services to the LBGTQ crowd in the name of religious conscience.) Liberals have also skewed Trump’s words, unfairly chanting that he “hates” Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups. And let’s not forget the theoretical income inequality and “evil” 1 percent that lefties believe harm the country. It’s bitterly ironic, in fact, that the Affordable Care Act, which increased families’ devastating financial burden, is a pet project of liberals.

So you see, protesting college students and professors — you have lost this political battle for good reason.

Please accept with dignity the fact that Americans have rightfully and sanely spoken against you. Protests and classes skipped in the name of licking emotional wounds serve only to deepen the political chasms in this country. People are rightfully going to disagree with your agendas, and that’s acceptable. It’s even good.