Gergen: Ingraham Controversial According to ‘Media Matters’

CNN commentator backtracks after admitting talking points came straight from pro-Clinton group

David Gergen asserted that LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham would be too controversial a pick for involvement in Donald Trump’s administration — using as evidence talking points pushed by Media Matters for America.

“You go and be press secretary [and] all hell is going to break loose — you know that,” Gergen told Ingraham Monday morning on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

“Somebody sent me a whole bunch of stuff from Media Matters, I don’t know.”

When an incredulous Ingraham asked Gergen why she would be so controversial, he responded “you go around saying that Mexicans murder and rape our people” and suggest that “maybe [deported immigrants who re-enter the country] should be shot.”

When an even more incredulous Ingraham asked Gergen when she said illegal aliens who re-enter the country should be shot, Gergen quickly gave up his source.

“Somebody sent me a whole bunch of stuff from Media Matters; I don’t know,” Gergen admitted. The title of the article in question — “17 Of The Worst Attacks Potential Trump Press Secretary Laura Ingraham Has Made On Latinos, Civil Rights Groups, And Others.”

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Media Matters is a radical progressive, pro-Hillary Clinton group founded by Clinton ally David Brock and masquerading as a “watchdog.” The group is affiliated with American Bridge, a massive Democratic super PAC that spent millions of dollars aiding Clinton’s failed presidential effort. Billionaire progressive activist George Soros helped fund the group with a $1 million donation in 2010, according to The New York Times.

After establishing that Gergen is indeed a respected commentator with degrees from Yale and Harvard who worked for five presidents, Ingraham excoriated Gergen for relying on such a publication as Media Matters for serious talking points.

“Do you think any of [the presidents for whom you worked] — even Bill Clinton — would take something that Media Matters writes and say to a press secretary go out there and reference Media Matters as an objective source?” she asked him.

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Gergen attempted to make nice with Ingraham by insisting she is “one of the most articulate” figures on the American Right, but insisted nevertheless that “you’d have to be very careful about who you insult.”

But Ingraham pointed out that, despite what American progressives clearly think, offense works both ways. “People get offended by people who say borders are irrelevant,” she noted. “People get offended by people who say if you’re illegal and you’re in the United States, you have a right to stay here.”

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