Agent’s Name May Have Been Exposed on Hillary’s Server

State Department releases recovered Clinton-Abedin email chain that includes redacted name of an unknown agent

Hillary Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin may have shared the name of a covert agent on her private server, according to newly released documents from the State Department.

According to a July 29, 2011, email, Clinton asked Abedin the name of an agent “across the aisle” from her.

“It’s possible the agent in question was not supposed to have his or name mentioned on a privately owned email server.”

Abedin promptly replied.

But when the State Department released the email exchange on Thursday, they redacted the name.

It’s possible the agent in question was not supposed to have his or name mentioned on a privately owned email server. He or she may have been undercover for the CIA, FBI, or the State Department security agency. In any case, the discussion of a federal agent doesn’t fit with Clinton’s contention that the emails deleted and not turned over to the State Department from her server were personal in nature.

Of even greater concern is the possibility the name may have been exposed to bad actors and enemies of the United States. State Department emails recently obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from conservative legal watchdog Judicial Watch revealed that Clinton’s private server underwent at least 10 hack attacks in just a two-day period in 2010.

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The email exchange and the redacted information highlights the problem with Clinton running her email through a private server at her home. The server address, clintonemail.com, was used by Clinton for both official government and private business, such as the Clinton Foundation.

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The newly released emails were among a batch originally deleted from the private server, but later recovered by government authorities as part of the FBI investigation into the issue. A judge has since ordered the recovered emails released in batches.

The FBI said it was relaunching an investigation into the server on Oct. 28.

Once emails are reviewed for security reasons, the State Department releases Clinton’s emails in portions, and have since June 2015. Many of the emails have redacted information.

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