Trump’s Chance to Regain Momentum

Fundamentals of the election leave door wide open for GOP nominee to seize the initiative

Attack ads — they’re the wreaths and holly of election season. My favorite attack ad is the one where they interview “everyday people” who share their fears with the camera.

“I just can’t imagine him being president,” one lady says. “It’s too complex a job.” Then the next guy says he’s afraid that our international relations will be damaged by “one of these ill-informed, shoot-from-the-hip type comments.” Then, another guy has no specific fears; all he can muster is a shaky but earnest, “He really scares me.”

Johnson is performing amazingly well among the demographic who, like Johnson, don’t know what Aleppo is and can’t name a world leader.

After you’re plenty afraid of this politically incorrect, nuance-lacking, entertainer-turned-politician, a soothing voice-over comes on and reassures you that all you have to do to save America is cast a vote for Jimmy Carter. Because the economy is crap, and the world is going to hell, but at least he isn’t scary like (full body shiver) Ronald Reagan.

Cut to 2016 and the Clinton campaign, with enthusiastic help from the mainstream media, is pushing the notion the GOP nominee is scary and lacks the temperament to be president.

It is the same argument liberals deployed against Reagan in 1980. The mainstream media believes that argument has sunk in and already won the race for Clinton. They’ve declared in no uncertain terms that Trump’s momentum is over.

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But here are three reasons why the mainstream media narrative should be rolled up onto a cardboard tube and hung on a bathroom wall:

1) The MSM thinks the first debate was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book (If you want Hillary to win, turn to page 5)
The post-debate mainstream media narrative describes the first Trump-Clinton debate like it was Ivan Drago versus Apollo Creed in “Rocky IV” — Trump fell in slow motion — mouthpiece flying out, landed face first on the mat, convulsed a few times, and then … it was over. Never mind that the 80 million people watching saw no such thing. But “That’s how it was!” screams the media.

“Cancel the election!”

Actually, the debate hasn’t done substantial damage to Trump. In the RCP average the day before the debate, Trump was at 43.4 percent. Sunday he was at 44.4. The day before the debate, Hillary Clinton was at 46.5 percent. Sunday, she’s at 47.5 percent.

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That’s right — the day before the debate, Trump was down 3.1 percent in the RCP average. Today, he’s down 3.1 percent.

2) You can’t lie to voters about how much money is in their wallets (Hmmm, should I believe Hillary or my pay stub?)
At the debate, Hillary had a lot of smack to talk about trickle-down economics (even though Trump’s plan cuts taxes across all income levels), but liberal-math economics has the economy growing at a snail’s pace. Hillary can cherry pick statistics all she wants, but she won’t convince people with stagnant wages, dead end jobs or no jobs at all that the economy is all puppy dogs and rainbows.

Lester Holt would have you believe that the most important issues facing America are Trump’s tax returns, Rosie O’Donnell’s feelings, and who was a birther and when did they stop birthering.

Now, the media would have you believe that nothing is more important to voters than whether or not Trump called a lady Miss Piggy 20 years ago. They’ve gone full-blown war on women against Trump while forgetting that Bill Clinton, aided by Hillary’s enabling, has racked up an entire Christmas song of scandal when it comes to women:

“26 flights with Epstein, Seven allegations, Three were non-consensual, Two were beauty queens, And an intern in the White House.”

In reality, voters don’t care about tax returns, birther nonsense, or beauty queens. In the new Fox News poll, the economy/jobs was the No. 1 issue among likely voters — while names Donald Trump called people in the 1990s didn’t make the list.

3) “I’m with her!” — shouted no millennial ever (We prepared this great hashtag, #Hillennials! The problem is we can’t get anyone to tweet it)
Obama won about 60 percent of the youth vote in 2012 and about 66 percent in 2008. John Kerry and Al Gore both took about 54 percent. The latest post-debate Fox News poll has Hillary Clinton at 39 percent among voters under 35 while Donald Trump’s numbers look comparable to McCain and Romney’s numbers in 2008 and 2012. Clinton’s problem is Gary Johnson raking in an unbelievable 19 percent.

Millennials loathe Hillary Clinton, and she can show up on “Between Two Ferns” every day between now and Election Day, and it won’t repair the damage she’s done to herself in that demographic.

They loved Bernie, and she disposed of him in classic Clinton fashion — with a good ol’ fashioned conspiracy. It’s hard for supporters to accept political defeat when they know the media and the Democratic National Committee each had a finger on the scale for Clinton. They watched a scandal-ridden, uninspiring, Wall-street backed vacillation machine use the rigged system to take down their revolution.

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As if that weren’t obstacle enough for her, hacked audio has been released of Clinton telling her rich donors that millennials are unrealistic and all live in their parents’ basements. To enjoy the resultant apoplexy, simply search Twitter for #BasementDwellers. So, Trump supporters are deplorables, millennials are basement dwellers, is there anyone this woman does not look down on? Oh yeah, rich donors.

Enter Gary Johnson. Weed-loving, pro-choice, anti-cop, isolationist, Libertarian. He’s no Bernie Sanders, but you heard the part about the weed right? Johnson is performing amazingly well among the demographic who, like Johnson, don’t know what Aleppo is and can’t name a world leader.

If Hillary Clinton gets less than 40 percent of the millennial vote, she will not win this election.

The MSM doesn’t know what matters to average Americans, they don’t know what it’s like to be a victim of Obama’s economy or decades of terrible trade deals, and they can’t see the plutocracy because they’re smack-dab in the middle of it. Trump is one good debate away from winning this election.

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