Why I Pray for Donald Trump

His respect for life is enough reason to show up on Nov. 8

The day cracked open abruptly with nausea, unspeakable pain, and fear. The sharpness of labor was like nothing I had prepared to go through. For nine months, I had thought, “I hope this is worth it.” And on that morning of my son’s birth, the thought tore through my mind and body with a last glimmer of possibility — and then I saw my baby boy.

It was not only worth it — it was a miracle.

I believe that almost every mother feels that her child is a miracle, which is probably why I once rolled my eyes (internally) when I heard them talk about their children. After all, there are currently billions of us on the planet. How could we all be miracles?

Therefore, if people are still defending their vote or lack thereof with an excuse of conscience, I ask you to think about that first flicker of a heartbeat on an ultrasound.

And then it dawned on me: God made each of us. He formed each person. He knows each individual. The very hairs on our heads are numbered.

And with that new understanding on my part, I realized I needed to pray for Donald Trump.

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I have somewhat tiptoed around bringing politics into my prayer life. After all, aren’t they supposed to be separate — church and state? Shouldn’t I be praying for something more important? Or even more startling, is one candidate more pleasing to God than another?

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I believe the answer to that last question is yes. I am not a political expert. I cannot vouch for Donald Trump personally. But I do believe he is pro-life. For that reason alone, he has my support — and Hillary Clinton, with her radical pro-choice policies, does not.

I have been admonished for being a single-issue voter. However, I cannot and will not support a candidate who is pro-choice, and I refuse to apologize for that. I truly cannot fathom how we as a society have accepted, even applauded, the choice to literally tear a baby, formed by the hand of God, apart for the convenience or preference of a woman.

There is great sacrifice in pregnancy. I understand that. I also know the depravity of abortion weighs heavy on a conscience.

Which brings me back to praying for Donald Trump. I am committing to pray that he would be wise and find favor with both God and the voters of our country.

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He is not perfect, nor should I expect him to be. He says things I wouldn’t necessarily say (although I also don’t necessarily disagree with him). But along with many other strengths and a wealth of experience, he does stand with Mike Pence for the life of the unborn. I will pray that he is voted into a position of leadership and that he can and will defend those precious lives.

Therefore, if people are still defending their votes or lack thereof with an excuse of conscience, I ask them to think about that first flicker of a heartbeat on an ultrasound. Recall the feeling of a newborn being placed in your arms (or the arms of others), the tiny fingers and toes knit together with soft pink flesh and delicate bone.

Then think about that perfect miracle being heartlessly thrown in the trash.

Pray for Trump. And remember innocent life when you vote your conscience.

Katie Nations is a wife of 15 years and a working mother of three young children. She is based out of Oklahoma City, OK. 

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