A violent mob of between 100-200 black inner-city residents went to Temple University on Friday night to hunt down and beat up innocent white victims — but one wouldn’t know it based on mainstream media reports.

“Friday violence as teen mob attacks Temple students, police; four arrested,” read the headline on Philly.com, while the Philly Voice reported “Teens arrested after flash mob leads to assaults on Broad Street.” The Associated Press headline read: “STUDENTS BEATEN, HORSE PUNCHED IN MOB ATTACKS AT UNIVERSITY.”

“These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly.”

Glaringly absent from these headlines is the inherently racial nature of the attack, which was made shockingly clear in a Facebook post authored by Joe Lauletta, father of victim Christina Lauletta.

“I spent last night in the ER at St. Mary’s Hospital,” Lauletta began his harrowing post. “I received a call from my daughter Christina after my sons [sic] football game. She was crying, I couldn’t understand her, my heart dropped, I became scared, I said what is the matter? Dad, I was jumped, I’m beat up pretty bad. Where r u? Temple, they stole my phone. We’re heading to the police station,” he wrote, recounting their conversation.

“I find out that her and her 2 male friends [were] badly beaten by a group of 30-40 black teenagers on their way home from the Temple football game. This happened after they got off the subway at Broad and Cecil B Moore. These sick animals held her down and kicked and stomped on her repeatedly,” he wrote.

Yet the three headlines mentioned above made no reference whatsoever to refer to the attackers as juveniles, teens, or “boys and girls.” Penn State’s Penn Live news site described them as “roving youths.”

Temple University itself even disguised the true nature of the attack. “During the evening of Friday, Oct. 21, Temple Police, Philadelphia Police, and SEPTA Police responded to reports of a large group of approximately 200 juveniles causing disruption along Broad Street,” it said in an official statement on Monday.

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Either “causing disruption” is a euphemism for vicious hate crimes or Temple University doesn’t want its students or their parents to know the truth about what happened there Friday night. Hundreds of blacks, adolescent or otherwise, venturing to a university campus with the evident intent of specifically attacking whites is not a “disruption” — it is a planned, orchestrated crime of racial terror.

The media’s willingness to cover up the true nature of the horrifying incident reveals the extent to which they are willing to go to sustain the narrative that blacks in America live in ever-present danger of racial violence from whites — despite numerous incidents similar to the one at Temple University which suggest the reality is the precise opposite.

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“The story of black victimization is the biggest hoax of our generation,” Colin Flaherty, author of the books “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry,” told LifeZette. Flaherty has closely followed incidents of black mob violence, detailing the shockingly high frequency of such incidents.

In “White Girl Bleed A Lot” — its title a reference to an observation made by a perpetrator during one of the racist assaults he documents — Flaherty was able to identify over 500 examples of anti-white violence that went unreported by the liberal media.

“These episodes are getting harder and harder to ignore,” said Flaherty. “And I do know that many, many people are hungry for some truth about it, maybe because they have been the victims of black crime and violence, maybe because they just do not like media hypocrisy.”

But the progressive Left won’t allow inconvenient truths stand in the way of its ideological goals. Since false 2014 media reports claimed Michael Brown was shot in cold blood with his hands raised, the #blacklivesmatter myth has spread across the country like wildfire — leaving plumes of smoke, shattered glass, and smoldering rubble in its wake.

Unfortunately, it is now clear that this destructive and divisive myth is a firm plank in the Democratic Party platform. On Tuesday, the Clinton campaign announced that Jay Z will be headlining a Nov. 4 concert in support of Clinton in Cleveland. “Jay Z will be joined at the concert by special guests to encourage unity and urge Ohioans to support Clinton by voting early or on Election Day,” the campaign said in a statement.

But neither Jay Z nor the Clinton campaign have any interest in “unity” — indeed every single statement regarding race that emanates from either the Clinton campaign or the Democratic Party seems designed specifically to foment disunity. No — Jay Z is headlining a Clinton concert because the Clinton campaign is desperate to turn out as many black Americans as possible in a state which looks like it could very likely go to Trump.

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“Senior Democrats … have signaled publicly that Clinton has indicated staff should do whatever it takes to turn out young black voters and the concert is viewed as one of the last major voter mobilization moves the campaign will make before election day,” BuzzFeed reported Tuesday.

Of course Jay Z, he and his wife Beyoncé are by far the most prominent and high-profile public proponents of the #blacklivesmatter myth. Jay Z famously freestyled about Trayvon Martin, and penned a rap in the wake of the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. “Just a boy from the hood that/Got my hands in the air/In despair don’t shoot/I just wanna do good,” he raps in the song.

Clinton’s campaign slogan is “stronger together.” But the Clinton campaign’s opportunistic exploitation of Jay Z’s star power suggests that being “stronger together” is the very last thing on Clinton’s mind.