Hillary’s Abnormal Eye Movements Have Physicians Concerned

Recent episodes caught on video show there's more to the candidate's health than she's admitting

Questions continue to swirl about the physical and psychological health status of Hillary Clinton.

While she may not have had any dramatic public health episodes in the past couple of weeks — as she did when she collapsed in public in Manhattan during the 9/11 ceremonies last month — videos have been circulating from her recent public appearances that seem to show pathological eye movements. And a majority of physicians in a brand new survey believe these movements are indeed occurring and are cause for concern.

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“These are quick, episodic, and inconsistent,” said Dr. Jane Orient, an internist and executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). “We decided to ask doctors on our email list to have a look at one of the videos.”

A helpful tool, Orient stated, is to paste the url into and watch it at half or quarter speed.

Nearly two-thirds of the physician respondents in the study released Tuesday reported seeing abnormal eye movements by Hillary Clinton. That is a very high number.

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Only 15 percent of doctors stated they did not — and 21 percent said they were unsure.

But among the 60 percent of medical professionals who did feel confident they saw abnormal eye movements by Clinton, “the cause could be a potentially disabling neurological condition,” these physicians said.

“The eye movements are clearly abnormal,” said Orient, based in Tucson, Arizona. “They signify that the portions of the brain that control the eyes are not coordinating properly. If you had them, you would have double vision — very disturbing if you are driving and suddenly see two cars where there is just one. The eye movements may show evidence of a problem of which other manifestations are more easily hidden as by drugs,” Orient told LifeZette on Tuesday.

“People who think they are voting for the first woman president may actually be voting for a shadow president — the one making the decisions when HRC is not functional,” said one internist.

These types of movements can signify an abnormality in portions of the brain that coordinate the eye muscles. There are any number of things that could be causing this, but possibilities suggested by the respondents include: increased intracranial pressure (she is at risk for this because of her history of head trauma and a transverse sinus clot); a drug effect; a chronic degenerative neurological condition. Parkinson’s disease was also mentioned — with drug treatment concealing most manifestations of it but still causing the eye signs.

Doctors were asked which tests would be helpful — and 37 responded. The most common test mentioned was a full neurological examination by unbiased specialists, including a neuro-ophthalmologist.

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“A neuro-ophthalmologist could do a structured examination, but it might be normal at a moment in time. The video clips need to be explained,” said Orient. “A cardiologist might do an electrocardiogram that is perfectly normal, but he will also look at a 24-hour monitor that may show a transient life-threatening rhythm disturbance.”

Hillary’s supporters naturally brush off such concerns as partisan hogwash. Yet while her political team covers for her, minimizes her downtime, makes sure she naps, and talks in code about how to handle the candidate’s less-than-optimal mental capacity to handle press conferences and other issues that come up during the day, Orient warns that the country indeed will be counting on the winner of the presidential election to be able to make important split-second decisions on an ongoing basis.

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“The president has to function under high-stress conditions — no days or weeks of debate prep. Her memory, judgment, and reasoning powers need to be intact — all the time. She has laughed at the suggestion of neuro-cognitive tests, such as a soccer player with a concussion might have to pass before going back in the game. One can deny leaked emails — for example, Huma Abedin saying Hillary was ‘often confused’ —  but those pathologic eye movements are there for everyone to see,” said Orient.

Another recently released email shows that just days after Clinton kicked off her campaign on April 21, 2015, Abedin said, “She’s going to stick to notes a little closer this am, still not perfect in her head,” in regard to planned comments at an event.

“The public needs to know whether she is concealing a serious, progressive illness that may impair memory, reasoning, alertness, or ability to think quickly at a critical time,” said Orient.

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And Orient wonders why so few people, especially the mainstream media, seem willing to talk about this issue.

“People who think they are voting for the first woman president may actually be voting for a shadow president — the one making the decisions when Hillary Rodham Clinton is not functional,” said Orient. “And the problem is likely to become much worse. Neurodegenerative conditions progress, as do traumatic brain injuries — note the behavioral problems and dementia in football players. And in someone with a clotting tendency, things could suddenly become catastrophically worse, either from a new clot, or a bleed from the Coumadin. No person of integrity would fail to stand aside if she had this type of health problem.”

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