While the mainstream media has been working day and night promoting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, it has largely ignored or downplayed violent attacks against supporters of Donald Trump.

But assaults on Trump supporters appear to be growing increasingly common as Election Day approaches and tensions intensify. Reports of Trump lawn signs and banners being stolen and defaced are everywhere on social media.

No doubt there will be plenty more such assaults in the final two weeks as Americans head to the polls.

Making matters worse, undercover video evidence emerged showing senior Democrat operatives Robert Creamer and Scott Foval acknowledging using dirty, likely illegal tricks against the Trump campaign. Their goal was to generate negative media coverage of Trump rallies by fomenting violence at them. The media eagerly used the various fisticuffs and melees the Democrats created to attempt to discredit Trump by depicting his supporters as violent, knuckle-dragging crazies.

The videos, shot by ACORN slayer James O’Keefe’s group Project Veritas Action, show Foval on camera saying his agents “infiltrate” Trump events. “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherf****er.” He adds, “we’re starting anarchy here.”

Creamer, previously convicted of felony bank fraud, has visited the Obama White House more than 300 times. In one of the videos, he says Hillary Clinton personally knows about the false flag operation. Her campaign “is fully in it,” Creamer confirms. “Hillary knows through the chain of command what’s going on.”

Despite their aversion to covering stories that put Trump in a sympathetic light, members of the media had no choice but to cover the extremely newsworthy Oct. 15 weekend firebombing of Republican Party headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina. Gov. Pat McCrory called the arson “an attack on our democracy,” while one GOP official called it an act of “political terrorism.” Spray-painted on the building next door were a swastika and the sentence “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”

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Meanwhile, most physical attacks on Trump supporters make only  local news outlets — if that. Rarely do such assaults get mentioned on the evening TV broadcast news or in The New York Times or The Washington Post.That’s because they don’t fit the leftist narrative that Republicans are violent, racist, Islamophobic homophobes.

Despite a lack of evidence, the Left deployed the same false narrative against the Tea Party movement virtually from its formation, while defending the criminal hooligans of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street as nonviolent and benign. Currency speculator George Soros has contributed to both movements through his philanthropy.

Here is a compilation of some of the attacks on Trump supporters:

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On Oct. 15 in Bangor, Maine, vandals spray-painted about 20 parked cars outside a Trump rally. Trump supporter Paul Foster, whose van was hit with white paint, told reporters, “Why can’t they do a peaceful protest instead of painting cars, all of this, to make their statement?”

Around Oct. 3, a couple of Trump supporters were assaulted in Zeitgeist, a San Francisco bar, after they were allegedly refused service for expressing support for Trump, GotNews reports. “The two Trump supporters were attacked, punched, and chased into the street by ‘some thugs’ that a barmaid called out from the back.” Lilian Kim of ABC 7 Bay Area tweeted a photo of the men, in which one was wearing a Trump T-shirt and the other was wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” shirt.

On Sept. 28 in El Cajon, California, an angry mob at a Black Lives Matter protest beat 21-year-old Trump supporter Feras Jabro for wearing a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. The assault was broadcast live using the smartphone app Periscope.

On Sept. 26 at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota, as the first presidential debate was about to get underway, a woman wearing Trump campaign apparel was assaulted while heading to a debate watch event. “Nobody, regardless of race, gender, or political party, should feel unsafe because of the way they look or what they wear when they walk on campus,” the Minnesota Federation of College Republicans said in a press release.

On Aug. 19 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Trump supporters had to run a gauntlet of angry protesters to get into a Trump fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center. When they left after the event they were hit, pushed, and spit on.

On Aug. 13 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 68-year-old cancer survivor Vester Bullock was beaten at a garage sale because he wore a Trump pin on his hat. The assailant “slammed his arms, walked up to me and said, ‘My wife told me I shouldn’t trust a God-damn Republican,'” he said. The man complained the staple gun Bullock sold him didn’t work. “I told him ‘I’ll give you your money back,'” said Bullock. “But he kept calling me all kinds of names.” The man punched Bullock in the jaw so hard he lost a tooth.

On Aug. 12 in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, two women assaulted pro-Trump activist Tim Treadstone after a Trump rally. “This blonde girl grabbed my iPhone and threw it as hard as she could to the pavement,” he said. “And before I could pick it up, the brunette who was throwing the food at people punched me in the head. My glasses and my hat flew off. There were claw marks on my neck.” Last week, the two women were formally charged with assault and battery.

The night of the rally, Treadstone and a group of Trump hat-wearers were denied service at a popular Mexican eatery. Customers began screaming at the Trump backers and throwing food at them. Earlier, at the West Hollywood rally, “a can of Monster energy drink, eggs, and dog feces were also thrown at pro-Trump demonstrators,” according to Breitbart News. “The can of Monster hit one man on the back.”

On Aug. 3 in Bloomfield, New Jersey, an assailant attacked a 62-year-old man who was walking down the street wearing a pro-Trump T-shirt, local police said. “The motorist inquired why [the man] was wearing the shirt, directing profanities at him,” a police spokesman said. “The [victim] continued to walk away as [the] motorist followed him.” The motorist hit the man several times with a crowbar, causing injuries to his arms, hands, and thighs,

On June 18, 19-year-old British national Michael Sandford tried to take a gun from a Las Vegas police officer during a Trump rally. Sandford was arrested and reportedly said he intended to use the gun to kill Trump. Unlike most of the anti-Trump attacks, this event was widely reported by the media.

On June 2, in San Jose, California, rioters assaulted a group of attendees leaving a Trump rally. Fourteen of those attacked have filed a class-action lawsuit against the city and Mayor Sam Liccardo. The attendees “were victimized by being forced by armed police to walk into a riot in full swing where many were assaulted while police looked on,” said their lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon.

In San Jose, protesters also threw eggs, a tomato, and a bottle at Rachel Casey, a 29-year-old Trump supporter they cornered outside a hotel.

“I knew if I was to touch one of them or I was to grab one of the flags they were waving in my face that they would have attacked me or beaten me with those flag poles that were metal,” Casey told Breitbart News. “I just kept a straight face, I don’t know how. I just knew if I touched one of them I would get hurt. Luckily someone let me in that hotel, finally, someone finally opened the door.”

On April 28, in Costa Mesa, California, anti-Trump demonstrators threw rocks at moving cars. One bloodied the face of a Trump supporter who was driving away after the rally. About 20 people were arrested.

On March 12 at the Dayton, Ohio, airport, Black Lives Matter supporter Thomas Dimassimo rushed the small stage where Trump was speaking, an attack that received widespread media attention. He was tackled by Secret Service agents before he could reach the GOP candidate and was later charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic. Before the attack he tweeted: “I’ve had about all I can take from the violent trump ralliers. Saturday im [sic] going to check my people and spit on their false king.” After his release from jail, hours later, he tweeted: “F**k you b**ch @realDonaldTrump[.]”

Violent demonstrators from left-wing organizations including MoveOn, Black Lives Matter, and People for Bernie, forced the cancellation of a planned Trump rally March 11 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The belligerent anti-Trump activists streamed into the event and later celebrated shutting it down. The event, which led to the arrest of four people, received a great deal of media attention — though much of it focused on how peaceful the protesters supposedly were.

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Dilbert comics creator Scott Adams received many replies when he took to Twitter recently to ask fellow Trump supporters to report threats they’d received, Heat Street reported Sept. 30.

One person wrote his wrist was fractured when he was attacked for being “an Irish Trump supporter and wearing [a] MAGA cap.” Another tweeted “Had to take the #TrumpPence16 sticker off my car because I had my windows broken in 3 times.”

Another man wrote his friend’s 10-year-old daughter “was attacked by a mob yelling ‘NAZI’ ‘B**CH’ etc. Snatched her Trump sign and ripped it up.” One man tweeted “Somebody claiming to be a civil rights lawyer called my boss claiming my pro-Trump tweets were breaking the law.”

This is not an exhaustive list of violent attacks on Trump supporters.

No doubt there will be plenty more such assaults in the final two weeks, as Americans head to the polls.

And Hillary Clinton’s campaign may be involved in those attacks.

Matthew Vadum is senior vice president at the Capital Research Center