Trump Loves Women and Babies

Paid 6-week maternity leave among measures slated for big speech — a new element to being 'pro-life'

Donald Trump will be calling for six weeks of paid maternity leave for American women in the workforce as part of the new child-care policy the Republican presidential nominee plans to unveil in a speech Tuesday night in Pennsylvania.

In an effort to appeal to women voters and highlight the importance of motherhood, Trump is set to unveil several new policy measures that were influenced by his daughter, Ivanka, during the crafting process. Trump will be advocating for six weeks of paid maternity leave in a marked departure from many Republican policies that advocate for individual companies to remain in control of their paid leave policies.

“We’ve found a solution on paid maternity leave that could get very broad, bipartisan support and be completely self-financing.”

In addition, a campaign memo shown to The Washington Post on Tuesday revealed Trump’s new policies “will rewrite the tax code to allow working parents to deduct from their income taxes child-care expenses for up to four children and elderly dependents.”

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“Our plan … creates a bipartisan solution to the issue of maternity leave,” a Trump aide told reporters on a Tuesday call. “Our campaign is about getting things done for the American people, and we believe we’ve found a solution on paid maternity leave that could get very broad, bipartisan support and be completely self-financing.”

The major component of Trump’s new policies includes rewriting the tax code to allow childcare expenses to be deducted with the total cost being capped at the average cost of seeking childcare in each state. If an individual earns more than $250,000 per year or a household earns a combined income of $500,000 per year, they won’t be eligible for the deductions. Stay-at-home parents will also be able to take deductions with Trump’s new policies.

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Pro-life proponents have noted a presidential focus on restoring the dignity and respect for the key role of motherhood would be a potent factor in rolling back the cultural trends that have given rise to abortion on demand and taxpayer funded contraception.

“It’s motherhood, not gender, that is the greatest predictor in determining the income disparity in the workforce,” the aide said. “We want to end the economic punishment for motherhood in the United States of America — we believe that our plan makes great strides at doing so.”

Trump is set to outline more details in his Tuesday evening speech at 7:30 p.m. in Aston, Pennsylvania.

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