Right-Wing Families Labeled ‘Dangerous’

In Germany, watch out for 'blond, cheerful' parents and kids, warns magazine

A parenting magazine called Baby & Family in Germany has instructed its nearly 2 million readers to be on the look-out for families that are “inconspicuous” and “cheerful” — as these signs might indicate they are radical, right-wing, and therefore “dangerous.”

Sadly, this high-profile magazine that is distributed free of charge in the country that once began a world war over Hitler’s desire to create a “superior race” is now racially profiling its families.

“Right-wingers” could spread their dangerous views when talking with other parents at the playground, asserts the magazine.

Political researcher Eva Prausner asserts in the article entitled “Gefahr Von Rechts” — or “Danger from the Right” — that a huge danger of right-wing families is that they seem so normal. And because they seem that way, many parents will already have established good relations with others to the point that they “are no longer marginalized and at worst, get support.”

Illustrations depicting blond women and children accompany the article’s text.

Baby & Family declares that right-wingers are just as dangerous as gangs of Nazi skinheads are, according to The identifying features of right-wing families, it contends, are that they are “inconspicuous, blond, cute, and engaged.”

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Furthermore, Baby & Family says day care centers should always seek help when dealing with these highly dangerous families.

“The Right has many forms,” reads the article. “The definition of what is extreme and what is not is difficult,” but it asserts that any example must be dealt with because right wingers could spread their dangerous views when talking with other parents on the playground.

“One problem with this is the familiar rhetoric deliberately used to slander or castigate conservative groups or people who hold conservative values here in the States,” said Derryck Greene, political commentator and member of Project 21, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research.

“Extreme partisanship has led to intentionally attaching the terms universally to unfairly stigmatize people who hold differing political viewpoints — specifically those that disagree with leftism,” continued Greene.

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Despite asserting that such children are not outspoken, the article warns that a frightening aspect of right-wing parenting is that these parents instill self-confidence in their children.

They do this, theorizes Prausner, in the hope that “their offspring will later confidently carry their ideology into the world.”

Children of right-wing parents have “accurate braids and long skirts,” says the magazine article.

Prausner says “right-wing kids” are aware they should keep their family lives private, but she adds that a telltale sign of right-wing extremism is that there are usually no American logos on their parents’ clothing. She also warns that children of right-wing parents have “accurate braids and long skirts.”

Mothers and fathers should get involved in the parents’ council to take action against right-wing parents, according to this Baby & Family magazine. They should “not be afraid to confront [right-wing parents] directly.”

“‘Right-wing,’ ‘extreme right-wing,’ and ‘right-wing politics’ have different meanings across varying cultural contexts,” said Greene. “The desired language and premeditated attempt to castigate people using the phrase ‘right wing’ is destructive for a number of reasons.”

“Mostly,” he continued, “it’s concerning that this magazine is trying to connect parenting skills with extreme nationalism, and being ‘white.’ It definitely sounds like a choreographed attempt at highlighting and demonizing another form of ‘white privilege’ to raise the status and esteem of non-white immigrants in Germany.”

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