Radical Transgender Policy Hits New Hampshire School

Plan tramples First Amendment, outlaws any criticism from students, faculty

A New Hampshire school district has imposed a radical transgender policy allowing students to use facilities hitherto reserved for the opposite sex and that prohibits students and faculty from protesting.

The Dresden School Board adopted the policy — which applies not only to bathrooms and athletic facilities but also to sports teams — this month. “The goal is to ensure the safety, comfort, and healthy development of the transgender or gender nonconforming student while maximizing the student’s social integration and minimizing stigmatization of the student,” the policy states.

Men who identify as women will be allowed to coach or teach girls and be present with them in athletic changing facilities.

But the policy, which applies to middle school and high school, does no such thing. For example, allowing those who are physically girls to play contact sports with actual boys is not safe.

Shockingly, the policy even states that “employment practices [must] be free from discrimination based on … gender identity,” presumably meaning that men who identify as women will be allowed to coach or teach girls and be present with them in athletic changing facilities. That is neither safe, comfortable, nor healthy for the innocent girls subjected to such an experience.

Although the policy was initiated by activist students, the adoption of such a policy was inevitability thanks to the Obama administration’s drive to normalize radical transgender theory and impose it on American children.

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According to local newspaper Valley News, “the transgender policy follows guidelines set recently by the New Hampshire School Boards Association, the U.S. Department of Education, and by extension the Obama administration.”

The rapid expansion of radical ideas about gender and the fierce zeal with which leftists are forcing it upon the country only underscores the importance of the 2016 election, and the desperate need to ensure the Supreme Court does not become dominated by “progressive” Leftists.

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Two terms of Hillary Clinton could conceivably lead to over two decades of a radical Left-wing Supreme Court, which could hamper any efforts by states and local school boards to challenge the state-sanctioned imposition of damaging and dangerous gender theory.

That the federal government would not only sanction such a politically radical ideology, but also actively endorse it would be unthinkable in a civilized age. But alas, as the Dresden School Board’s new policy shows, a civilized age this is not.

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