The Murders Obama Doesn’t Talk About

The president is conspicuously selective in deciding when black lives matter

President Obama rushes to make an ideologically charged comment almost every time a black person is killed by a police officer, but when a high-profile murder occurs that doesn’t fit Obama’s biased racial narrative, the silence emanating from the White House is deafening.

The president waited patiently until 1 a.m. in Poland yesterday just to be able to give a primetime address on the shooting of the two black men by police this week — and by extension America’s alleged systemic racism. He did this without having all the facts and without calling for calm.

The greatest threat to young black men in America is young black men.

Obama, however, had no such statement for the family of Kate Steinle, murdered by an illegal alien last summer while on vacation. He gave no statement for the families of the three Americans murdered brutally last week by a six-times deported illegal alien. Nor did he have words for the families of the two police officers murdered by a twice-deported illegal alien in California in 2014.

Obama had no warnings to give on the dangers of slack border control or the chronic failure to deport alien criminals and keep them out. He had no comment to offer about the systemic problem of deported criminal re-entry.

But Obama’s most shameful silence is surely that which falls across the lecturer-in-chief every time a black life is snuffed out by another black.

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When over 80 people were shot and 14 killed in Obama’s professed hometown of Chicago this July 4 weekend, he did not see fit to hold an emergency press conference to decry the chronic problem of young black men killing other young black men. He did not write a special Facebook post when, as of this week, Chicago racked up 2,000 murders in just over six months.

On the statistically rare occasions in which an unarmed black man is killed by a police officer, Obama proclaims the country has a systemic problem of trigger-happy racist cops. But as the bodies in the inner city continue to pile up, the president does not see fit to lecture the nation on the systemic problem of trigger-happy urban gang members.

[lz_table title=”Black-on-Black Murder” source=”The FBI”]

The inescapable — and for Democrats, inconvenient — fact is that the greatest threat to young black men in America is young black men. Writes Victor Davis Hanson, the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University:

“A small cohort of urban African-American males under fifty — no more than 3-4 percent of the general population — is responsible for about 50 percent of many of the violent crimes committed. Blacks are five to eight times more likely to commit rather suffer an interracial crime, which makes up less than 10 percent of most violent crime.”

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According to FBI Uniform Crime Reports, 91 percent of murdered African Americans were killed by other blacks in 2009. In 2010, 90 percent were killed by other blacks. Again, in both 2011 and 2012, 91 percent of murdered blacks died at the hands of other blacks, and in 2013 and 2014 it was 90 percent.

On this real racial epidemic, Obama is silent. He is silent about the tens of thousands of young blacks killed every year by other blacks in America’s crumbling inner cities.

If one were to listen to the president — not to mention others in his administration, the mainstream media, and the legions of useful idiots yelling “hands up, don’t shoot” — one would think that black men live in ever-present danger from racist white cops. The truth, however, is that in large swathes of American inner cities, black men live in ever-present danger from other black men.

It seems that far as President Obama is concerned, a black life only matters if the one who takes it is white.

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