Failing to Fix America’s Racial Divide

Liberal policies combined with a divisive climate leave little hope for the future

The polarization that no doubt contributed to the massacre of five police officers and the wounding of seven more Thursday is driven by the collapse of black, inner-city communities, columnist and historian Victor Davis Hanson said Friday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Hanson was not optimistic the country is prepared to reverse that collapse or stem the tide of division.

“You create an apartheid existence and then talk to down to us about these issues.”

“I don’t see how that’s going to be reconciled,” Hanson said. “The country is being polarized.”

LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham noted everyone continues to look at police shootings through a racial prism — and the resulting mistrust of police is increasingly poisonous. People on one side are saying that African Americans are being shot disproportionately, and others are saying that they aren’t — and there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution in sight.

Hanson noted President Obama is not helping the matter and is only adding to the dangerous climate.

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“He’s not trying to reconcile facts — he’s trying to never let a crisis go to waste,” Hanson said.

In light of the lack of available options for reconciliation , Hanson predicts that the police are simply going to stop showing up to calls within inner cities.


The mindset of the cops will be: “If I do something they’re going to say it’s racist and if I don’t do something they’re going to say it’s racist,” he said.

This lack of policing is likely to cause an increase in inner-city crime and even more avoidance of those areas. A lot of the issues stem back to elite liberals who don’t ever actually have to deal with the consequences of their divisive policies.

“Part of the problem we don’t discuss is that we’ve created a very affluent liberal elite who is never subject to the ramifications of their own ideology,” Hanson. 

There are countless instances of these liberals talking about issues and not accepting the consequences, whether that be illegal immigration or what was seen with Hillary Clinton and the FBI, according to Hanson.

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“You create an apartheid existence and then talk to down to us about these issues,” he said.

Ingraham and Hanson both stated how dire the circumstances concerning race have become.

“I don’t see a trajectory for how we get out of this,” Hanson said.

He noted part of the problem is the overreach of government and the federalization of local and state police forces.

“That’s why people are paranoid,” Hanson said, “that this administration are creating a series of climates or landscapes in which their options are being limited and they’re going to be forced to rely on the federal government for their security and protection.”

As the elite liberals continue to make excuses for criminality and blame it on factors such as poverty and police, they refuse to accept personal responsibility, Ingraham said. That kind of failure to accept responsibility “erodes trust and is toxic for a supposedly free republic,” she said.

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