Dropped: The Charges … and the Leftist Rhetoric

Overzealous prosecutors in Md. decide to erase charges for cops in Freddie Gray case

Maryland’s top prosecutor on Wednesday dropped all charges against the three remaining Baltimore police officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray. The move ends a contentious, racially charged case, but also destroys the Left’s divisive tactics that attempt to paint these officers, and police across America, as racist killers.

The move was prompted by prosecutors’ failure to win a conviction of the previous three officers who stood trial.

The move was prompted by prosecutors’ failure to win a conviction of the previous three officers who stood trial, each of whom were cleared in the death of Gray. Officers Brian Rice, Edward Nero, and Caesar Goodson were all acquitted. The rest of the officers — Garrett Miller, William Porter, and Alicia White — have now also been cleared.

Culminating with this story is the relentless effort of the Left and incendiary leaders to portray these events with a narrative that has turned out to be constantly false.

Marilyn Mosby

When first announcing the charges on May 1, 2015, State Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby was quick to go for the jugular, indicting the officers for murder, manslaughter, and many other charges. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, “To those who engage in violence, brutality, and racism let me be clear: There is no place in the Baltimore Police Department for you.” She also managed to stoke the fires of the riots that exploded in the city with the poorly phrased “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”

The decision at the time was lauded by many others, including Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who called it a “a great day, and I think we need to realize that. I think a message has been sent by our state’s attorney that she treasures every life, that she values every person.”

Even President Obama, never one to be hesitant about speaking out before the facts are known, weighed in, saying, “This has been going on for a long time. This is not new, and we shouldn’t pretend it’s new.”

Despite this rhetoric, the evidence spoke for itself at the trials. Numerous lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and Page Croyder, criticized the circumvention of normal procedures after the charges were announced. Presiding Judge Barry G. Williams found little to no evidence supporting their broader case that the officers acted unlawfully and purposefully negligent towards Gray.

In other words, the charges were totally debunked. But this was not the first instance of the Left using these police shootings as a means to achieve their ends.

Michael Brown, shown in store surveillance video assaulting the clerk.

When the altercation in Ferguson, Missouri, between Michael Brown and officer Darren Wilson was first reported, the political Left and the media were quick to judge it another cold-blooded killing of an unarmed black man by an overzealous police officer.

Organizations, leaders, and celebrities all released statements on the incident. “Hands up, don’t shoot” was adopted by the Black Lives Matter movement as a rally cry against police brutality. Then-Attorney General Eric Holder launched a full-scale investigation of the shooting and the Ferguson Police Department. Author Darnell Lamont Walker declared, “They’ve been practicing racism so long, it’s perfect.”

Riots followed, in which millions of dollars worth of property was destroyed — and featured Brown’s father shouting to “Burn this b*tch down!”

But as with Baltimore, when the noise died down, the evidence backed up the officer. Forensic testing, autopsies, and witnesses all matched up with Officer Wilson’s testimony. The Justice Department cleared him of any civil rights violations, found that witnesses who contradicted Wilson were not credible, and the facts did not add up to having any evidence to charge him.

Of course this was largely ignored by the BLM and other so called civil rights activists, who to this day still make out Brown and Gray to be martyrs of an inherently racist police force.

The Left, its racial agitators, and George Soros-funded organizations have proved time and again that they are more concerned with their emotionally fueled judgments rather than objectively waiting to see the results of the trials and investigations — and unfortunately that includes our president.

The consequence? An agenda determined to spread fear and blame towards those who protect and serve our nation at personal risk every day of their lives.