Comey ‘The FBI Morale Killer’

Former FBI Director Kallstrom blasts decision to let Clinton off hook

Former senior FBI officials and watchdog investigators are calling out the utter absurdity of FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation to give Hillary Clinton a get-out-of-jail free card on her private email server and the negative impact the decision will have on the morale of law enforcement professionals.

Former FBI Director James Kallstrom said Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that he is shocked Comey would “soil his reputation and name” by perpetuating a “rigged situation.”


Kallstrom said he received many calls from retired and active FBI agents who are also “extremely disappointed” and “mad” about Comey’s decision.

“He did not do anything for the morale of the FBI and it’s going to be a long, long time before, you know, it’s recovered of what he did,” Kallstrom said.

Comey announced that on Clinton’s unauthorized email account the FBI found 110 emails in 52 email chains that contained classified information. He said eight of those chains contained top secret information, 36 of those chains contained secret information, and eight email chains contained confidential information.

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Kallstrom said “it’s just nuts” that Comey would spell out all of Clinton’s wrongdoing in the “prosecution memo” and then draw the conclusion to protect Clinton from facing criminal charges. He said Comey likely steered away from putting the decision in Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s hands because of her private meeting with Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport last week.

“[Comey] took the political heavy weight for the administration,” Kallstrom said.

Chris Farrell, director of Research and Investigation at Judicial Watch, said that the conservative watchdog group will “continue to march forward” with their investigations into Clinton’s emails regardless of whether or not Comey continues to let Clinton’s misdeeds slide.


Farrell said it’s “insane” for Comey to believe “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case” against Clinton, especially since Comey has gone after other public figures for much less, including throwing Martha Stewart in prison for insider trading.

Farrell said it’s clear Clinton is receiving special treatment because when he was a special agent of army counterintelligence he “put people in jail for the exact same violations.”

“I’m telling you this is the most off the charts, upside-down backwards thing Comey has done,” Farrell said Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “And anybody on the inside, all the alphabet soup agencies … they all shake their heads. No one would be treated this way.”

Comey admitted Hillary’s use of a home-brew email server was “extremely careless” in handling “very sensitive, highly classified information,” and Farrell noted that being “extremely careless” and demonstrating gross negligence are “the same thing.”

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