It’s Free, Free, Free with Hillary

Health care, tuition, day care, paid leave — no one need ever pay for anything again!

Paying for things yourself is hard. You have work long hours, sacrifice time with your friends, spouse and children — and possibly turn off the TV or shut down your Obamaphone.

Paying for stuff is so old-fashioned. With Hillary, everything will be free because, hey, why not?

But Democrats have a better way. Here’s the plan. You take other people’s money, and spend it on yourself! Simple, right? No, you won’t go to jail. That’s because when the government does it for you, it’s completely legal! Don’t worry about their sacrifices, ingenuity and endless hours of work. You can take their money — and if they refuse, they go to jail, not you!

Because, you see, the author of “It Takes a Village” and others on the Left believe that the villagers must be forced to do their “share” for the collective benefit of the masses. Sound familiar? (Cough, Socialism, cough.)

Hillary Clinton has arranged a vast pu pu platter of free tidbits for everyone. She’s no moderate, as some portray her. True, Bernie Sanders has even more gifts for everyone, and even some think, Whoa, that’s too much free stuff, and so he won’t be the nominee. But Hillary is not far behind.

Hillary says the things she wants to give you are “paid for,” but that’s Washington gobbledygook that actually means she will be raiding other people’s bank accounts to get the cash. But don’t worry, that’s not your problem. It’s theirs.

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And we’ll also end up borrowing more from the Chinese, who don’t mind lending us a little dough so we can buy their goodies. Even though the federal debt is at $19.3 trillion and counting. But who’s counting?

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Let’s look at some of the things Hillary wants to give you. In Washington, these are known as “policies.”

Free College
People who didn’t need college or couldn’t afford it used to learn a trade or work to pay for school. Maybe you had to wait tables in the evenings, or take a year off and save up some money. Or maybe your parents put away a little money every year since you were born. Well, don’t worry, because other parents have been putting money away, and you can have theirs.

Mrs. Clinton’s New College Compact provides for tuition-free community college. Books are included, too. Paid for by the “community.” And you are in the community. So pay up.

Meantime, former college students can refinance their loans at favorable rates, while future ones get low-interest loans. The whole plan costs $350 billion over 10 years. Oh, what’s a third of a trillion dollars in the long run?

OK, Hillary is selling this as “early learning,” but you know what it is. Day care.

Free Daycare
OK, Hillary is selling this as “early learning,” but you know what it is. Daycare. What she calls “universal pre-school” is just a way to ensure that the government is paying for the daytime activities of everyone from the ages of four until — including the free college — 22 years old. One day, you’ll be taken care of by the government every year of your life, but for now that has to wait.

More Free Health Care
The subsidies provided by Obamacare aren’t quite doing it, since insurance companies are being forced to jack up their rates, so Hillary plans to put more money in your pocket with a tax credit of up to $5,000 per family. This will offset “a portion of excessive out-of-pocket and premium costs above 5 percent of their income,” according to the plan. And Clinton wants to provide an Obamacare “public option” — that is, a government-run, taxpayer-funded insurance company that will end all the fuss about rate increases.

Free Family Leave
The original idea of the Family and Medical Leave Act was to allow workers to take up to 12 unpaid weeks of leave to care for a newborn or a sick relative. Now, under Clinton, the time away will be paid, at a rate of two thirds of salary. This will be done by making the wealthy pay their “fair share” — i.e. taxing them — according to Mrs. Clinton, because as you know, most wealthy people found their money underneath a tree. And so it’s fair for those who didn’t get to the tree first.

Free Money from Your Employer
Mrs. Clinton advocates increasing the minimum wage to $12 an hour, which will provide some people with free private sector money but cost others their jobs as employers cut costs to pay for it. And Hillary also vows to push for the Paycheck Protection Act, which is based on the disproven theory that women unfairly earn just 77 cents of the dollar compared to men. Many employers will just raise women’s salaries so they don’t get sued under the new litigation opportunities presented by the act, and maybe fire a high-salaried man or two to pay for it. Hope it’s nobody’s husband!

Free Solar Panels
Yup. Hillary wants to “overcome barriers that prevent low-income and other households from using solar energy,” according to her proposal.

Free Social Security Money
At a time when the retirement system is headed toward bankruptcy, Mrs. Clinton wants to give people “credit” in their benefit calculation for time they took off to serve as “caregivers.”

Free Political Donations
That’s right. We saved the best for last. Hillary wants you to be able to donate someone else’s money to your favorite political candidate. She promises to press for legislation that provides public “matching funds” for small donors. One bill in Congress would throw in six times the amount you donate.

Since Democrats get more small donations, conservatives will be donating to liberals! So they will have to power to provide more … free stuff.

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