Trump Would Be Better for the Economy

Forget indictments — it's time to focus on best candidate for America, author says

It doesn’t matter which candidate you’ve supported during this agonizing season of primaries. My candidate, way back when, was Mike Huckabee, and I stayed with him until he dropped out of the race. But now, we are looking at the reality of a Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton election. Because of that reality, many of us may need to stand back and re-evaluate our stance.

Our economy could begin to change immediately once Trump starts talking about details of possible nominees for key positions.

Instead of being preoccupied with a possible Clinton indictment, let’s focus on which candidate would be better for America. Can Donald Trump beat Hillary? Yes — if conservatives can refocus on the differences between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. We may have some conservative moral and ethical issues with Trump, but let’s look long and hard at our options.

There is no doubt Donald Trump would be better for the economy. In my view, he would be able to select some strong and wise leaders to surround him. That is what made Ronald Reagan a great president. He was never afraid to surround himself with people who were smarter on a particular issue than he was. Ronald Reagan not only worked with great minds, he listened to their advice. If Donald Trump does the same, he will have an opportunity to turn America around.

Our economy could begin to change immediately once Trump starts talking about details of possible nominees for key positions. For example, he should meet soon with people like John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and Rudy Giuliani, some of whom he’s already been meeting with — and there are others. Trump needs to revise his tax plan, and he is beginning to listen and make changes. Trump will develop a strategy he can stand on.

Donald Trump, in my opinion, is a man who could bring back a thriving middle class — the kind of middle class we had after World War II, when their rise surpassed anything the world had ever seen. I have always supported what is best for America. A growing middle class is a big part of that, and I believe Donald Trump could make that happen. And I know Hillary can’t — or won’t.

Apparently, most voters believe this election is about the economy and jobs. It’s easy to see that Donald Trump is by far the better choice to turn these areas around. I don’t understand how Hillary Clinton could possibly address these issues when she has repeatedly indicated that the “fundamental changes in America,” which President Obama’s policies have created, align perfectly with her ideology.

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Do we want more of the same? We need a change, folks. We need to zero in on the real fundamentals of the economy. Do you want a stronger economy with more and better jobs? Then Hillary is not the answer. To say the outlook for our economy under Donald Trump is different than it would be under Hillary Clinton is the understatement of this election.

Do you care about the economy? Do you want to rebuild a prosperous middle class? Do you want the people in this republic to regain their rightful power? Then we only have one choice.

Maybe your vote is an anti-socialist or anti-Marxist vote. Or maybe it can be a pro-American vote — a vote to save America from further decay and decline from an ideology that has fundamentally changed America.

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If we care about future generations and prosperity for our children and our grandchildren, the idea of staying home on Nov. 8 is not an option. We have to make this election about America, not personalities. We must make this election about taking steps of restoring the land we love to its former strength. We need to vote for restoration of the might of our military, a smaller and less intrusive government, and taxes for both corporate America and individual Americans that can lead to the road of economic strength and real job growth.

Yes, you may see your vote as one for the “evil of two lessers.” But the absence of your vote will likely send America down a slippery slope to become a country we won’t even recognize. Our vote in November needs to be a vote for America.

Dan Celia is president and CEO of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries Inc., and host of the nationally syndicated radio talk program “Financial Issues,” heard daily in more than 600 radio stations across the country and in tens of millions of homes on Christian television networks.