Trump is the ‘Wake-up’ Millennials Need

National political director of Students for Trump makes the case

Most Trump supporters will agree on what draws Americans to him: his impressive business background, non-negotiable America First foreign policy, his unapologetic stance on illegal immigration, and his compelling promise to defeat radical Islamic (yes, I said it) terrorism.

In fact, these issues are top priority for most all Americans. Donald J. Trump is the one man who has truly spoken to the people and addressed these problems. That is why he is doing so well. Trump understands America’s frustrations, and he vows to fix them.

But why do I, a millennial, support Mr. Trump? It’s something that was difficult to pinpoint originally. I understand why I support Trump as an American and a Republican, but why as a millennial? The answer dawned on me last week.

I’ve seen a liberal epidemic sweep through college campuses across the nation, including my own. I am a firm believer that anyone can recognize a problem, but few truly understand the root of the problem. While Donald Trump is clearly the most vocal anti-PC candidate, he also understands why a politically correct culture is so dangerous.

Political correctness is pervasive in much of society today, especially within my generation. Trump has an unwavering disgust for the social justice fairies and their enabling college administrations that are breeding a generation of “oppressed” and “offended” individuals.

Now as a Trump-supporting, Republican millennial, I’ve been called every name in the leftist newspeak vernacular liberal insult dictionary: racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, privileged, and the list goes on. My student organization had hate crimes filed against us for writing “The Wall, Build It,” “Make America Great Again,” and “Trump 2016″ in chalk.

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Since when is chalk a more dangerous weapon then the nuclear capabilities of Iran and North Korea? Republican ideologies have been labeled micro-aggressions that require sensitivity training for anyone who has even a smidgen of conservatism in them. Collegiate America is rapidly becoming a Bernie Sanders-infested wasteland that has no room for our First Amendment freedoms unless we are in line with the liberal doctrine of the modern Left. Liberal millennials believe Trump supporters have no respect for human dignity, despite their ever-changing gender pronouns, reverence for the baby-killing Planned Parenthood, and their pro-terrorist, anti-Semitic agenda against the state of Israel.

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While the “oppressed” seem to be overly abundant in college and in the post-grad world, I honestly believe (and pray) that there is a silent majority of people who believe that political correctness has gone too far. Whether they’re Trump supporters or even Republicans is irrelevant; what’s important is that they are fed up and they want to fix things. If there is one issue the rest of the GOP is not taking as serious as Trump, it is the overwhelming assault on speech and the insane amount of spoiled, social justice warrior snowflakes our universities are chugging out daily.

As Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” I believe that Trump has taken the strongest and most proactive stance on this most important issue of speech, one that contributes in some way to all the various issues many Americans deem crucial.

The United States is filled with freedom and opportunity, but my generation refuses to acknowledge or take advantage of it. It is time for a reality check for the “victimized” millennial Left, and Donald Trump is the wake-up call this generation needs.

Nicole Been is the president of the DePaul University College Republicans and national political director of Students for Trump.

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