7 ‘Surefire’ Ways to Her Heart

These Valentine’s Day gifts could save a woman's life

It’s that time of year again — the season for chocolates, roses, champagne and love notes. While our commercialized culture will tell you “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” and “every kiss begins with Kay,” real women know that diamonds fade, binging on chocolate is bad for your waistline, and roses expire. Why not get her something that truly shows how much you care?

Gifts aren’t necessarily a part of the holiday — but if you’re going to get her something, make sure it’s one of those gifts that keep on giving. Like a gun.

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The PC crowd may charge sexism, but men are usually given the role as protectors in the relationship. Historically, they’ve been charged with, and are genetically built for, shielding and fending for their spouse. But in our increasingly dangerous world, a woman needs to know how to defend herself.

The number of women who own firearms and shoot has soared this past decade, according to the National Sports Shooting Foundation, whose 2015 study polled women ages 18 to 65 who owned  at least one gun. More than a third of the women had purchased their gun in the last three years. More than 55 percent also said they intended to purchase at least one firearm in the next year.

The women say the single most important reason they bought a gun is for protection, for their home and for themselves. Whether for self defense, hunting or sport shooting, every woman should develop a relationship with a firearm — and practice makes perfect.

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Growing up in the South, in a house full of shotguns and rifles, I learned the importance of gun safety and education at a young age, thanks to my dad. Every chance we had, I would be out on the range, bow in my hair, shooting targets and clay pigeons. I learned the art of the sport, became empowered by a weapon and made memories with the number-one man in my life that I’ll value forever (and those trophy deer my brother mounted for me aren’t bad either!).

Shooting can become more than just a sport or a tool. It’s a way of life. And today, we need a well-armed and well-educated public. On a day that’s most associated with romantic love, celebrate with a gift from the heart. Give your girl confidence and comfort by empowering her with a gun.

Here are 7 Valentine’s Day gift options worth a lot more than chocolate:

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