The Germiest Spots at the Office

Watch out! These cold-causing surfaces are literally everywhere.

Attention all office workers! Is your job making you sick?

It’s that time of year when the germs responsible for the coughs, colds and sneezes infest every area of your workspace. You’ve likely noticed half of your colleagues at the office are sick and, frankly — it’s only just begun.

The highly trafficked close quarters of the office are some of the most convenient places for germs to spread and multiply. Some studies suggest 95 percent of people don’t even wash their hands properly. Just think about it: By simply writing an e-mail, answering the phone or even getting yourself a cup of coffee, germs are lingering and roaming to every surface you touch. Gross, right?

Short of walking around your office wearing rubber gloves, or strapping on a respirator, here are some of the germiest hot spots to avoid and to wipe liberally with the Clorox wipes.

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