School Holiday Nightmare with Diversity

Maryland district bows to requests from Muslim community, changes its calendar

Better get the babysitter on speed dial. If political correctness wins out, your kids will have a lot more days off, thanks to a new push in several school districts to recognize the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha — and the Indian celebration Diwali. And the Chinese Lunar New Year, too.

Kwanza almost looks mainstream compared to the current PC frenzy over celebrating everybody all the time.

A Maryland school district has decided to change its calendar so that its students will have a day off to celebrate Eid al-Adha, after repeated requests from Muslim community, the Washington Post reported. This has carried over to the Indian community, whose leaders asked the school system about a Dinali day off.

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Maryland law currently requires school closures on the traditional Christmas holidays of Christmas and Good Friday, as well as Easter Monday. This is apparently no longer satisfactory in a country that is busy opening its arms to both legal and illegal aliens. We must now make sure that traditions begun on foreign shores are observed while we patently ignore our own treasured foundations.

In today’s classrooms, it’s out with the Christmas carols and in with a colorless, meaningless “Kum-ba-yah” vibe that includes everyone and honors nothing.

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“Leave these holidays as they are,” says Jean Purcell, a resident of Howard County, Maryland, who has raised two children in that county’s school system. “The politically correct tsunami has taken the meaning out of Christmas in the schools, so one could argue that Christians aren’t getting ‘special days off’ – prayer, carols, and all the sweet things children used to do to celebrate the birth of Christ and thanking him for all people — they’re gone.”

In Howard County, the district for several years has had smatterings of requests to close schools for Hindu, Muslim, and East Asian communities, according to Ellen Flynn Giles, vice chairman of Howard County school board. They are taking the requests under consideration, according to the Washington Post, but must weigh actual educational concerns.

Like other school systems in the country, Howard County officials say legally there must be secular reasons for school closings, such as high absenteeism expectations on a certain day, that would affect the schools’ operations.
In New York City, children will be sitting home not learning anything thanks to two days off for Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr during the 2015-16 school year.

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“Only a country truly off the rails chooses this time to celebrate the holidays of those who have a radical element that has murdered its people,” says one Massachusetts father, upon hearing of the New York calendar change.

In the coming years your child may, in an average day, learn to write in Arabic, then visit a multi-gender restroom, return to a seminar on bullying and then nibble a tasteless and nutrition-less (but federally-mandated) snack. Down the hall, a teacher who dared to pray with a student will be closing her classroom door for the last time, as her class passes her on their way to yoga, in a gym full of basketballs and baseballs covered in dust.

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