Students Call for End to ‘Prayer Shaming’

9/11 generation says Americans must bring God back to public life

A group of high school students in Connecticut is taking a stand against the forces of radical political correctness — as well as the politicians, media elites, and liberal demagogues who are shaming prayer as a response to tragedy and terror.

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Students at East Catholic High School in Manchester, Connecticut, released a video titled “The End of Prayer Shaming,” calling for a movement of Americans to restore God to public life in the United States.

Deeply impacted in the years after 9/11 and witness to countless tragedies of terror, at least a handful of students from this generation see a divided, rudderless, and scared America in parallel with a nation in which faith is in retreat.

After San Bernardino, a huge social media movement, spurred by the Left, focused on the ineffectiveness of prayers for the victims and emphasized their political gun control agenda. Connecticut’s own Sen. Chris Murphy was one of the initial catalysts of the effort. Many other liberal politicians rallied around, agreeing with this tweet:

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Godless Internet trolls joined the liberal Connecticut senator, bashing the hashtag #thoughtsandprayers, which was trending on social media.

The New York Daily News joined the liberal-agenda-fueled bashing with a full-page cover entitled, “God Isn’t Fixing This.”

New York Daily News cover page December 3, 2015

This group of Connecticut Catholic high school students have had enough.

About half of high school students today were born after Sept. 11, 2001, and the other half were just babies on that tragic day. They have grown up in the shadow of a post-9/11 world where terrorism seems to be around every corner.

The fear of Islamic radicals, from al Qaeda to ISIS, has been seeping into life in America and has come to a head in recent days. Students raised in this culture ask the all-important question: Why is our nation’s gut reaction to always keep God out?

These Catholic School high schoolers explain that so many people wonder why God could let such tragedies occur, but simultaneously our culture expels him from every facet of public life.

And when the unthinkable does happen and tragedy does strike us at home, social media tells the American people not to pray. These students designate a term that many individuals have suffered in the public sphere: prayer shaming. They call for us to bring prayer back to public life.

Watch their poignant video and see the lesson we can learn from some of the youngest Americans citizens.

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