Today’s Lecture: America a ‘Slave Democracy’

The evils of capitalism, the inherent bias of white people, and other disturbing tidbits

It used to be that liberal bias was largely hidden in the shadows of the philosophy building among the Che Guevara and Karl Marx posters.

But in 2015, it’s practically a hate crime to be a straight white male, and liberal bias is in your face.

I attend The University of California, Irvine, also known as the school whose student government voted to ban the American flag in its office because it “has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.” My story begins shortly afterward, during the first day of my African-American studies class.

While I have no problem with professors expressing their personal points of view, I believe students should be given the ability to do the same.

As I took a seat with my fellow students, the professor called a girl to the front of the class. She immediately hugged her, and thanked her dearly for “standing up to the forces of imperialism and colonial oppression.” It turned out that one of the overzealous social justice warriors from student government was in my class, and was now being publicly praised for voting to ban our nation’s flag.

This all took place on the first day of class, and as the semester progressed, I lost count of the number of terrible things my professor said about America and its people.

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My professor vehemently criticized capitalism while expressing her love of communism. We were told that America is a “slave democracy” and that white people are “inherently biased.” We had moments of silence for “victims of police brutality” and read novels depicting Ivy League institutions as proponents of slavery.

I was told that anybody who is a Rand Paul fan has a “life problem.” She even publicly protested Chancellor Howard Gillman’s convocation because “he is transphobic and anti-black.” The list goes on and on.

While I have no problem with my professors expressing their personal points of view, I believe students should be given the ability to do the same. After all, open and free debate has been one of the greatest attributes of the university system for centuries. Unfortunately, our publicly funded campuses have degraded to no more than vehicles of overpriced indoctrination on behalf of the Democratic machine. In this class, as well as many others, conservative opinions were not only discouraged, they were actively stifled and silenced.

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Despite liberal cries to the contrary, left-wing bias is rampant and abundant at public and private institutions across this great nation. Professors know it, students know it, and the American people know it. Yet, school administrations have done nothing to prevent the wave of intellectual inequality from washing over our nation’s universities. As conservative students, we must continue to fight for freedom of thought and expression, because if we don’t, who will?

Peter Van Voorhis is a junior at University of California, Irvine. This piece is part of a CampusZette series exploring the culture, oddities, and experiences of students on college campuses through their eyes.