In the past decade, higher education and how (or whether) it contributes to one’s actual employment opportunities upon graduation has been a hot topic, particularly given the rising cost of college. Americans have wondered, and rightly so, whether a college degree is worth the $200,000-plus price tag that accompanies many four-year private school educations.

Some students arrive at school with a very clear plan of action. Others have no clue whatsoever.

Today, students can essentially specialize in anything, from comparative literature to electrical engineering. Choose something you love, the theory goes. Choose something that will challenge you and interest you, and you will one day find employment (with a lot of luck).

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Given all this, it is no surprise than many students wind up with some very “specialized” majors, shall we say. Here are a few worth noting.

Bowling Management at Vincennes University
The course is officially called “Bowling Lanes Management I.” It is “a practical program in the management of the bowling operation,” says the university. You have to really love the life of strikes and spares to go this route.

Cannabis Cultivation at Oaksterdam University
Oaksterdam (in Oakland, California) is “an internationally recognized Cannabis College,” which aims “to provide quality training for the cannabis industry.” In most states, majoring in Cannabis Cultivation would lead to some legal problems.

Fermentation Sciences at Appalachian State University
Party all night, then party all the next day too: This major doesn’t exactly make a dent in the binge-drinking college stereotype. Students are required to take the classes “Principles of Fermentation Sciences,” “Sensory Analysis of Beer and Wine,” and “Social Implications of Fermented Beverages,” among others.

Paranormal Studies at the University of Arizona
This program of study is focused on life after death. If you’re looking to start the next reality show on communicating with the dead, it could be just the thing; otherwise, maybe rethink this one.

Beatles Historian at Liverpool Hope University
This program as advertised by the university is “a unique opportunity to study in the city of Liverpool, home of the Beatles, and with access to leading popular music academics and Beatles specialists, this MA is the only one of its kind in the UK and the world.” Super fans considering it may also want to think clearly about actual job opportunities upon graduation.

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Nannying  at Sullivan University
The professional nannying program at this Kentucky college boasts that its “graduates are known nationwide to exude the professional attitude and dedication to the child care industry that is second to none.” That may be true, but many a successful nanny has not gotten a college degree. Just saying!

Family Enterprise at Stetson University
Everyone knows that being in business with people related to you makes any venture a tad more complicated. But if you’re dead-set on starting the next all-star family business, Stetson (in Deland, Florida), consider that “Stetson University’s Family Enterprise Center is an acknowledged leader in family business curriculum.”

Bagpiping at Carnegie Mellon University
Not only will you receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, you’ll need to love you some kilts and knee socks. Most people enjoy bagpipers during parades and other special occasions, so maybe this study will lead to gainful employment. Maybe it won’t.