It’s not broadcast TV. It’s Netflix.

And next year, based on expected growth rates, the streaming service will boast a bigger audience than the four major networks. That was fast. But is it only the beginning?

The Hollywood Reporter, quoting FBR Capital Markets analyst Barton Crockett, says at the company’s current growth rate it should lap the ratings for Fox, NBC, ABC and CBS sometime in 2016. That means channels that have been delivering content for decades will draw fewer eyeballs than a streaming service that began by mailing DVDs to its customer base.

Netflix does more than that now. It streams thousands of TV shows and movies into consumers’ homes. Its budding slate of original fare, including “Daredevil,” Bloodline,” “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards,” draws strong reviews and audience interest.

The company’s initial foray into feature films include deals with Adam Sandler and Brad Pitt.

Netflix streams thousands of TV shows and movies into consumers’ homes

Amazon, its closest competitor, is similarly beefing up its content slate both on the film and television fronts.

Streaming technology is changing the way we consumer entertainment. And in five years, the TV landscape could look radically different from today.