Trump’s Mexican Charge-Back

Christie’s swipe: 'This isn’t Mar-A-Lago!'

GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie sat down with me earlier this week in New Jersey. In this expansive, exclusive interview that just aired on EWTN’s The World Over Live, Christie addressed the Iran nuke deal, his personal faith, gay marriage, the threat of ISIS, and immigration, including this exchange about Donald Trump:

​RAYMOND ARROYO:  What do you make of some of the comments by Donald Trump recently? … He said he would charge Mexico for all the people here illegally… Do a head count and charge them…

CHRIS CHRISTIE:  Well, you know, this isn’t people who are going to Mar-a-Lago and they’re not going to be able to leave (laughter) … until they pay their tab. I don’t think that’s necessarily feasible, but the fact is what we should be doing is working with Mexico to make sure that the rights of people on both sides of the border are respected and that the border is secure for both countries. And we should be working together with Mexico on that, but I don’t think that the charge back idea is going to work necessarily.

@RaymondArroyo is the host of The World Over Live. He is Editor-at-Large at Lifezette. (video courtesy The World Over with Raymond Arroyo)

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