What could be more relaxing than falling asleep under a canopy of stars? Answer: Sleeping in one of these magical set ups, below — with windswept curtains, exotic cushions, evocative locales.

You can also dream up your own little bit of al fresco nighttime magic right in your own backyard. Some people, for example, take an outdoor double chaise lounge and make it up with queen sized bedding.

Add a few candles on a side table, some bug spray, and they let the heavens spin them to sleep.

Outdoor sleeping is refreshing and healthy — getting away from all that air-conditioned stale air, and waking up naturally with the rising sun as the earth comes alive with bird song. Peeling away the creature comforts of bedside remote control and nightstand clutter eliminates distraction and puts you back in touch with your more natural primal nature.

Have you ever tried outdoor sleeping? Here are a few options to consider: