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Rare Story of True Love: ‘Forever My Girl’

Amid the ongoing sexual assault scandal that's been ripping Hollywood apart — not to mention…

  • Health

Skeptical About Dessert Hummus? Watch This!

It sounds weird, but it may not be long before you're topping off desserts with…

  • Faith

She’s Got Enough Self-Worth to Say, ‘No, I’m Not Going to Do That’

Blonde, bubbly, and equipped with a long, southern drawl, Kaylee Keller has all the makings…

  • Faith

If Your Life Has Been Touched by Hurricanes, Watch This

The hurricane season has been one of the most devastating in history — and it's…

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Has the ‘Christian Mingle’ Inspector Been to Your Home Yet?

Many 20-somethings know all about dating websites — and one of these sites may just…

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