Tag: Supreme Court

  • Poli

Clarence Thomas: My Job Was Worth the Struggle

The opportunity to play a vital role on the Supreme Court, 26 years after a…

  • Poli

Report: Trump Expects to Get Three More Supreme Court Picks

President Donald Trump believes he will appoint three more Supreme Court justices before the end…

  • Poli

Kennedy, Gorsuch Hold Keys to Blockbuster Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court this term will address prior rulings that bakers must produce cakes for…

  • Poli

Groundhog Day: Travel Ban Fight Set for 2018 Redux

The fight over the legality of President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban consumed much of…

  • Faith

Religious Liberty Case Will Be a ‘Blockbuster’

Now that the Supreme Court has started its 2017 term (as of the first Monday…

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