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Kentucky Faces Lawsuit Over Bloated Voter Rolls

Judicial Watch announced Wednesday that it is suing the state of Kentucky, alleging that the…

  • Poli

Rand Paul Assaulted by His Neighbor

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) suffered minor injuries after a neighbor allegedly attacked him on Friday…

  • Poli

Trump: American Lives ‘Completely Upended’ by Obamacare

President Donald Trump pressured the Senate to move quickly to fix the nation's health care…

  • Health

In Florida, Mosquitoes Zoom In on the Zika Virus

The Florida Keys are flying in 40,000 mosquitos a week to take their own buzzing…

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‘Shock’ Diagnosis of Leukemia for College Athlete

When antibiotics failed to work on Justin Graham, he asked his West Virginia State University…

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