• Poli

NYC Truck Attack Fulfills Homeland Security Chief’s Prophesy

This week's terrorist attack, which killed eight people and injured about dozen others in New…

  • Faith

Far Too Many British Citizens Have Pledged Allegiance to ISIS

The last Briton to be hanged for the crime of treason was actually a German…

  • Poli

Homeland Security Chief Warns of New 9/11

Even as the Islamic State terrorist group's territorial footprint recedes, it remains as dangerous as…

  • Poli

48 Hours After Vegas, the Question Remains: What Made Him Do It?

What made 64-year-old Stephen Paddock smuggle automatic weapons into his room on the 32nd floor…

  • Faith

ISIS Thug Takes Vicious Aim at Royalty

ISIS has challenged Prince Harry to a fight to the death in new propaganda video.…

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