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  • Health

A Nurse’s Most Beautiful Gift to a Dying Woman

More than three million people have watched a nurse in Tennessee serenade her dying patient…

  • Faith

After Tragedy and Destruction, ‘I Still Believe Love Can Heal All’

The news of Las Vegas came in as fast and as devastating as Hurricanes Harvey,…

  • Health

When a Patient’s Life Was on the Line

As I sit in the exam room waiting for my first patient of the afternoon,…

  • Faith

Victim of Vicious Attack Felt God ‘Beside Me, Protecting Me’

All of us face trials, yet few of us experience something as terrifying as what…

  • Mom

Animal Instincts Help Our Veterans

Seventy-two minutes. Every 72 minutes. Like clockwork, day in and day out. Every day, a…

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